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You bought oneAndroid applicationsAndIPhone applicationsSmartphones may be very expensive to a computer, but although expensive, they can save a lot of money in other ways. Do not think that the United States is a developed capitalist country, and the people are rich. In fact, they are also frugal! Want to know how old beauty is usedAndroid applicationsAndIPhone applicationsDo smart machines save money?

10 types are introduced below:

1. Find the free-of-charge ATM

The high ATM service fees are outrageous, especially cross-bank service fees. You can use apps on your mobile phone to find nearby free-of-charge ATMs. Many banks haveIphone applicationsAndAndroid applicationsEven if you don't have one, you can save the webpage at the bank's ATM location. Either way, you can save money for yourself at some critical moments!

2. Always carry coupons

Coupon is a good way to save money, but you cannot always carry them with you! This requires a coupon application. They provide a large number of coupons for major malls. You can use them when you need them. There may be many options, but Android and iPhone apps can help you! Of course, there will also be some unique independent applications that you may need to download.

3. Use apps for price comparison during shopping

The prices of products in some stores are always high. If you have a smart machine application, you can see which one is cheaper than your own one. By scanning the bar code behind the product, you can get the quotation of the product in different businesses! CurrentlyIphone applicationsAndAndroid applicationsThey already exist, such as google shopper.

4. Keep some digital backups of discount cards

It is really convenient to punch in the card, but if the number reaches a certain level, I believe you cannot carry it all with you! Your smartphone can quickly search for these discount cards. You only need to take photos of these cards and store them on your mobile phone! For example, there is a free app called cardstarios, android, and blackberry)

5. Save some money

If you want to save money, you need to make reasonable budgets and record your expenses. Some smart machine applications can help you solve the problem! For example, easymoney or moneywise!

6. saving money on groceries

We have found a comprehensive application that saves you money on groceries. This application is called Grocery IQ. If something in your house is used up, you can use Grocery IQ to scan the bar code of the item and include it in your debris list! Most importantly, Grocery IQ can remember your various discount cards and coupons so that you will not miss out on these shopping opportunities!

7. Add cheap oil

You don't want to go too far to find a gas station, because it is not only a waste of time, but also the cost of transportation is included! It's easy to find a gas station that is very close, but you don't know if you want to find the gas station!Android applicationsAndIPhone applicationsSmart machines can help you. Gasbuddy is an application that helps you find gasoline prices.

8. Call with voip

Maybe your mobile phone has a lot of traffic, or you can connect to wifi at any time, you can call voip through the connection to save you less time each month. The simplest way is to use skype or google voice for free only in the United States )!

9. Do not pay for text messages

Text messaging is the most cost-effective service. Now, we have a free text messaging application, the most striking of which is google voice, it allows you to send free text messages and give you a free number! Textfree is also a pretty good free text message application.Android applicationsAndIphone applicationsVersion!

10. device sharing reduces costs

Carriers always like to bind your landline with your computer or even mobile phone. The traffic you pack every month may only be used up by mobile phones, therefore, you can make your computer enjoy the data traffic of your mobile phone to surf the Internet. After all, you have spent money, or you will waste it! Pdanet is a good applicationIphone applicationsAndAndroid applicationsVersion!

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