Android code obfuscation and decompilation, android obfuscation and Decompilation

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Android code obfuscation and decompilation, android obfuscation and Decompilation

If you are still a student or have not uploaded applications in the App Store, I am afraid you will not feel deeply about this. Java code obfuscation in enterprises is a step-by-step. From a security perspective, code obfuscation is very important to prevent malicious code tampering by malicious people with bad intentions. The following describes the code obfuscation and encryption signature processes for the Android project.


1. Add the file proguard. cfg to the project directory.

2. Add proguard. cfg to the project. properties file of the project.

3. In the proguard. cfg file, add

-Libraryjars libs/android-support-v4.jar

As follows:

4. Right-click the project and choose Export> Android> Export Android Application> Next.

5. After step 1 is passed, the Keystore selection session box is displayed, and the following information is entered:

6. Fill in the following format in the next Key Creation session box:

7. Configure the name of your Apk file and Finish it.

If nothing happens, it will end happily and get the obfuscated Apk signature file you want.

Decompilation Verification:

For The Decompilation steps, refer:


If it succeeds, the result is similar to the following:

Proguard returned with error code 1. See console:

This problem is caused by code obfuscation and reference packages cannot be found. You only need to add the following two lines in your proguard. cfg.
-Libraryjars libs/android-support-v4.jar
You can add the required jar as prompted by your project.

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