Android Development (7) database and Content Provider

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Problem focus:
Idea: Application Data Sharing
Access to the database is limited to the application that creates it, but it is not absolute.
Content Provider provides a standard interface for other applications to access and use data of other programs.

Next we will analyze the ContentProvider processing process from the bottom up:
1 database -- SQLite User: ContentProvider ing: Content Value ing is a row of the table in the database; query: Cursor, pointer to the result set in the underlying data; Use: SQLiteOpenHelper, abstract class, used to create, open, and upgrade Databases
Inherit this class, override its constructor, onCreate method (create) and onUpgrade method (update)
Access: getWritableDatabase (obtain writable database instances) and getReadableDatabase (obtain read-only database instances)
/** Insert a new row ** // create the new value of the row to be inserted ContentValues newValues = new ContentValues (); // assign newValues to each field. put (NAME_COLUMN, _ name); newValues. put (ADDRESS_COLUMN, _ address );...... // insert it into the database SQLiteDatabase db = DBOpenHelper. getWritableDatabase (); db. insert (DBOpenHelper. DATABASE_TABLE, null, newValues );

2 Content Provider User: Independent APP function: separates the application component using data from the underlying data source using ContentProvider, abstract class, inheriting this class, and rewriting method:
OnCreate (): Initialize the underlying data source query () update () delete () insert () getType ()
Registration: Implemented by TAG, name Attribute + authorities tag
Release: URI demo:
            public static final Uri CONTENT_URI = Uri.parse("content://" + AUTHORITY + "/item");            public static final Uri CONTENT_POS_URI = Uri.parse("content://" + AUTHORITY + "/pos");
Usage: The application interacts with ContentProvider through ContentResolver
3 ContentResolver -- use ContentProvider User: Application role: the application uses it to query and operate Content Provdier features: ContentProvider provides the abstraction of underlying data
ContentResolver provides abstraction for querying and processing ContentProvider
Use: Use URI to interact with the Demo
/** Query operation **/public Article getArticleById (int id) {Uri uri = ContentUris. withAppendedId (Articles. CONTENT_URI, id); String [] projection = new String [] {Articles. ID, Articles. TITLE, Articles. ABSTRACT, Articles. URL}; Cursor cursor = resolver. query (uri, projection, null, null, Articles. DEFAULT_SORT_ORDER); // obtain the cursor Log of a database. I (LOG_TAG, "cursor. moveToFirst "); if (! Cursor. moveToFirst () {return null;} String title = cursor. getString (1); String abs = cursor. getString (2); String url = cursor. getString (3); return new Article (id, title, abs, url );}

4 URIUri indicates the data format to be operated: content: // The Host Name (or Authority) is used to uniquely identify the ContentProvider. External callers can find it based on this identifier. Path can be used to indicate the data to be operated.
5. Summary: A Picture summarizes the content of this chapter:
Programming 3rd ContentProvider and Uri detailed explanation:

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