Android Development Environment setup-ADT-Bundle for Windows, androidadt-bundle

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Android Development Environment setup-ADT-Bundle for Windows, androidadt-bundle

ADT-Bundle for Windows is an integrated IDE officially provided by Google Android. It already contains Eclipse. You do not need to download Eclipse, and the plug-in has been integrated into it, it solves the complicated problem that most new users use eclipse to configure the Android development environment.

With ADT-Bundle, new Android Developers do not need to refer to tedious configuration tutorials on the Internet as before, so they can easily develop Android applications in one step.

Step 1: install java sdk (JDK:

You can ask Baidu to download JDK, or download JDK from the official website.



Step 2: Download ADT-Bundle for Windows



Step 3: Install ADT-Bundle

Directly extract the downloaded file to the location where you want to install it.


Step 4: Install the Android SDK

OpenSDK Manager.exe(You can also run eclipse/eclipse.exe and open it through Windows-> Android SDK Manager)

Check the Android version of the target mobile phone you want to develop. It is best to check it all, and then click Install Package to follow the prompt next. accept allows installation to wait (this is a slow process)

Step 5: Configure Android AVD (Virtual simulator)

Open Eclipse(Eclipse/eclipse.exe ).Windows-> Android Virtual Device MangerOpen the AVD manager.

ClickNew buttonCreate your new AVD. For example, I made a simple description. You can fill in the parameters as needed. Click OK.

The AVD you configured will be used as the default debugging tool for your Android Application. Of course, you can also configure multiple ones.


Step 6: Create a Hello World project

PassFile-> New-> Android Application ProjectEnter Hello World (project name), next, and finish.


Step 7: run Hello World

Click Run Debug (F11 shortcut) to Run it in the simulator you configured.

With the ADT-Bundle, it is much easier.

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