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The example described in this article is the Android code for a weather report, which includes downloading and installing APK, checking apk updates, displaying ' already up-to-date ' or ' unable to get version Information ' dialog box, getting current client version information, displaying the Version Update Notification dialog box, displaying the Download dialog box, Determine whether to mount the SD card, display file size format: 2 decimal point display, and so on. The specific implementation code is as follows:

Import Java.text.DecimalFormat;
Import org.apache.http.HttpEntity;
Import Org.apache.http.HttpResponse;
Import Org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpGet;
Import org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException;
Import org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient;
Import Org.apache.http.params.CoreConnectionPNames;
Import Org.apache.http.util.EntityUtils;
Import Android.content.Context;
Import Android.content.DialogInterface;
Import android.content.Intent;
Import Android.content.DialogInterface.OnCancelListener; Import Android.content.DialogInterface.OnClicKlistener;
Import android.os.Environment;
Import Android.os.Handler;
Import Android.os.Message;
Import Android.view.LayoutInflater;
Import Android.view.View;
Import Android.widget.ProgressBar;
Import Android.widget.TextView;
Import Android.widget.Toast;
  public class Downloadmanager {private static final int down_nosdcard = 0;
  private static final int down_update = 1;
  private static final int down_over = 2;
  private static final int down_error=3;
  private static final int dialog_type_latest = 0;
  private static final int dialog_type_fail = 1;
  private static final int dialog_type_interneterror = 2;
  private static Downloadmanager Downloadmanager;
  Private context Mcontext;
  Notification dialog box private Dialog noticedialog;
  Download dialog box private Dialog downloaddialog;
  Progress bar Private ProgressBar mprogress;
  Show download values private TextView mprogresstext; //Query animation private ProgressDialog Mprodialog;
  ' is already up to date ' or ' Can't get the latest Version ' dialog box private Dialog latestorfaildialog;
  The installation package URL is returned private String Apkurl = "";
  Progress value private int progress;
  Download thread private thread downloadthread;
  Terminate token private Boolean interceptflag;
  Hint language private String updatemsg = "";
  Download package save path Private String Savepath = "";
  APK save full path private String Apkfilepath = "";
  Temporary download file path private String Tmpfilepath = "";
  Download file size private String apkfilesize;
  Downloaded file size private String tmpfilesize;
  Private String Curversionname = "";
  private int curversioncode;
  Private Appdetail mdownload; Private String checkurl= "Http://"
  ; Private Handler Mhandler = new Handler () {public void Handlemessage (msg) {switch (msg.what) {case Down_u
 PDATE:mProgress.setProgress (progress);
 Mprogresstext.settext (tmpfilesize + "/" + apkfilesize);
   Break Case DOWN_OVER:downloadDialog.dismiss ();
 Case DOWN_NOSDCARD:downloadDialog.dismiss ();
 Toast.maketext (Mcontext, "Cannot download the installation file, please check the SD card is mounted", toast.length_short). Show ();
 Case DOWN_ERROR:downloadDialog.dismiss ();
 if (msg.arg1==0) {Toast.maketext (Mcontext, "Network does not give force ah", Toast.length_short). Show (); }else if (msg.arg1==1| |
 msg.arg1==2) {Toast.maketext (Mcontext, "Resource not Found", Toast.length_short). Show ();
   } break;
  }; public static Downloadmanager Getdownloadmanager () {if (Downloadmanager = null) {Downloadmanager = new Downloadmana
 GER ();
 } Downloadmanager.interceptflag = false;
  return downloadmanager;
 public void downloader (context context, Appdetail download) {this.mcontext = context;
 this.mdownload = download;
  Showdownloaddialog (); /** * Check App update * @param context * @param isshowmsg * Whether to display prompt message/public void Checkappupdate (context Co
 ntext, Final Boolean isshowmsg,final Boolean notmain) {this.mcontext = context; GeTcurrentversion (Mcontext);
   if (isshowmsg) {if (Mprodialog = = null) Mprodialog = (Mcontext, NULL, "Being instrumented, please later ...", true, true); else if (mprodialog.isshowing () | |
 (Latestorfaildialog!= null && latestorfaildialog.isshowing ()))
 Return Final Handler Handler = new Handler () {public void Handlemessage (msg) {//Progress Bar dialog box does not display-detection results do not display if (Mprod
 Ialog!= null &&!mprodialog.isshowing ()) {return;
   //Close and release the Release progress bar dialog box if (isshowmsg && mprodialog!= null) {Mprodialog.dismiss ();
 Mprodialog = null;
   //Display detection results if (Msg.what = 1) {mdownload = (appdetail) msg.obj; if (mdownload!= null) {if (Curversioncode < Mdownload.getversioncode ()) {Apkurl = Mdownload.geturi () +mdownload
    . GetFileName ();
    Updatemsg = Mdownload.getapphistory ();
  Shownoticedialog ();
    else if (isshowmsg) {if (Notmain) {showlatestorfaildialog (dialog_type_latest);
 }}}else if (msg.what==-1&&isshowmsg) { Showlatestorfaildialog (Dialog_type_interneterror);
 }else if (isshowmsg) {showlatestorfaildialog (dialog_type_fail);
 New Thread () {public void run () {msg = new message ();
  try {defaulthttpclient client = new Defaulthttpclient ();
  Client.getparams (). Setparameter (Coreconnectionpnames.connection_timeout, 3000);
  HttpGet get = new HttpGet (Checkurl);
  HttpResponse response = Client.execute (get);
  if (Response.getstatusline (). Getstatuscode () = = httpentity entity = response.getentity ();
   InputStream stream = new Bytearrayinputstream (entityutils.tostring (Entity, "gb2312"). GetBytes ());
   Appdetail update = Appdetail.parsexml (stream);
   Msg.what = 1;
  msg.obj = update;
  }else{msg.what =-1;
   } catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();
 Msg.what =-1;
   Handler.sendmessage (msg);
  }}.start ();
 /* display ' is already up to date ' or ' cannot get version Information ' dialog box/private void Showlatestorfaildialog (int dialogtype) {String toastmsg= ""; if (LatestorfaildiaLog!= null) {//close and Release the previous dialog box Latestorfaildialog.dismiss ();
 Latestorfaildialog = null;
}//Alertdialog.builder Builder = new Builder (mcontext);
 Builder.settitle ("system hint");
   if (DialogType = = dialog_type_latest) {//Builder.setmessage ("You are currently the latest version");
 Toastmsg= "You are currently the latest version";
 else if (DialogType = = Dialog_type_fail) {//Builder.setmessage ("Cannot get version update information");
 Toastmsg= "Cannot get version update information";
 }else if (dialogtype==dialog_type_interneterror) {//Builder.setmessage ("Network failure, unable to connect to server");
 toastmsg= "Network failure, unable to connect to the server";
  } toast.maketext (Mcontext, Toastmsg, Toast.length_short). Show (); /* Get current Client version information//public String getcurrentversion (context context) {try {packageinfo info = Context.getpackagema
   Nager (). Getpackageinfo (Context.getpackagename (), 0);
   Curversionname = Info.versionname;
 Curversioncode = Info.versioncode;
 catch (Namenotfoundexception e) {e.printstacktrace (system.err);
  return curversionname; /* Show version Update Notification dialog box/private void Shownoticedialog () {alertdialog.
 Builder Builder = new Builder (mcontext);
 Builder.settitle ("software version update");
 Builder.setmessage (UPDATEMSG); Builder.setpositivebutton ("Update Now", new Onclicklistener () {@Override public void OnClick (dialoginterface dialog, int
 which) {Dialog.dismiss ();
   Showdownloaddialog ();
 }); Builder.setnegativebutton ("Talk Later", New Onclicklistener () {@Override public void OnClick (dialoginterface dialog, int
   which) {Dialog.dismiss ();
 Noticedialog = Builder.create (); ();
 /* Show Download dialog box */private void Showdownloaddialog () {Alertdialog.builder Builder = new Builder (mcontext);
 Builder.settitle ("Downloading installation package");
 Final Layoutinflater inflater = Layoutinflater.from (Mcontext);
 View v = inflater.inflate (r.layout.download_progress, NULL);
 Mprogress = (ProgressBar) V.findviewbyid (;
 Mprogresstext = (TextView) V.findviewbyid (;
 Builder.setview (v);
 Builder.setnegativebutton ("Cancel", new Onclicklistener () {@Override  public void OnClick (Dialoginterface dialog, int which) {Dialog.dismiss ();
   Interceptflag = true;
 }); Builder.setoncancellistener (New Oncancellistener () {@Override public void OnCancel (Dialoginterface dialog) {Dialo
 G.dismiss ();
   Interceptflag = true;
 Downloaddialog = Builder.create ();
 Downloaddialog.setcanceledontouchoutside (FALSE); ();
 Private Runnable mdownapkrunnable = new Runnable () {message error_msg=new message ();
 @Override public void Run () {try {String apkname = Mdownload.getfilename (). Replace (". apk", "") + ". apk";
 String tmpapk = Mdownload.getfilename (). Replace (". apk", "") + ". tmp";
 Determine if the SD card String storagestate = Environment.getexternalstoragestate () is mounted; if (Storagestate.equals (environment.media_mounted)) {Savepath = Environment.getexternalstoragedirectory ().
   GetAbsolutePath () + "/qn/qnstore/";
   File File = new file (Savepath);
   if (!file.exists ()) {file.mkdirs (); } Apkfilepath = SAvepath + apkname;
 Tmpfilepath = Savepath + tmpapk;
   //No SD card mounted, unable to download file if (Apkfilepath = null | | apkfilepath = = "") {mhandler.sendemptymessage (Down_nosdcard);
 } File Apkfile = new file (Apkfilepath);
 Whether the updated files//if (Apkfile.exists ()) {//Downloaddialog.dismiss ();//installapk ();//return////////Output temporary download file
 File Tmpfile = new file (Tmpfilepath);
 FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream (tmpfile);
 URL url = new URL (Mdownload.geturi () +mdownload.getfilename ());
 HttpURLConnection conn = (httpurlconnection) url.openconnection ();
 try {conn.connect ();
   catch (Connecttimeoutexception e) {error_msg.what=down_error;
 Mhandler.sendmessage (ERROR_MSG);
 int length = Conn.getcontentlength ();
 InputStream is = Conn.getinputstream ();
 Display file size format: 2 decimal points display DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat ("0.00");
 The total file size shown below the progress bar apkfilesize = Df.format ((float) length/1024/1024) + "MB";
 int count = 0; byte buf[] = new byte[1024];
   do {int numread = (BUF);
   Count + = Numread;
   The current download file size shown below the progress bar tmpfilesize = Df.format ((float) count/1024/1024) + "MB";
   Current Progress value progress = (int) (((float) count/length) * 100);
   Update Progress Mhandler.sendemptymessage (down_update); if (numread <= 0) {//Download complete-Convert temporary download file to apk file if (Tmpfile.renameto (apkfile)) {//Notify installation Mhandler.sendemptymes
  Sage (down_over);
   } break;
 } fos.write (buf, 0, Numread);
 while (!interceptflag),//Click Cancel to stop downloading Fos.close ();
   Is.close ();
 catch (Malformedurlexception e) {error_msg.what=down_error;
 Mhandler.sendmessage (ERROR_MSG);
   E.printstacktrace ();
 catch (IOException e) {error_msg.what=down_error;
 Mhandler.sendmessage (ERROR_MSG);
   E.printstacktrace ();
 /** * Download apk * @param url/private void downloadapk () {downloadthread = new Thread (mdownapkrunnable);
  Downloadthread.start (); /** * Install apk * @param URL/Private void installapk () {File Apkfile = new file (Apkfilepath);
 if (!apkfile.exists ()) {return;
 } Intent i = new Intent (Intent.action_view);
 I.setdataandtype (Uri.parse ("file://" + apkfile.tostring ()), "application/");
  Mcontext.startactivity (i);

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