Android time acquisition and use, android Time Acquisition

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Android time acquisition and use, android Time Acquisition
When compiling an Android network program, you will inevitably encounter inaccurate mobile phone time. This article summarizes some common time acquisition and Correction Methods: for reprinting, please note: the original time:

 Time local = new Time();       

2. Get the Shanghai time corresponding to the local time:

 Time shanghai = new Time("Asia/Shanghai");   
You may want to know which side of 
<span style = "background-color: rgb (240,240,240);"> Asia/Shanghai can be found. The search table will be attached at the end of this article. </Span>

3. Get the Tokyo time corresponding to the local time

        Time tokyo = new Time("Asia/Tokyo");    

4. Obtain the Network Time:

URL url = null;
 try {
     url = new URL ("");
} catch (MalformedURLException e) {
e. printStackTrace ();
URLConnection uc = null; 
try {
uc = url. openConnection (); 
uc. connect ();} 
catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace ();} 
long ld = uc. getDate (); 
Date date = new Date (ld); 
Log. I ("xzy", "Net Time is:" + date. getHours () + "Hour" + date. getMinutes () + "Minute" + date. getSeconds () + "seconds ");

Note that network-related methods need to be processed asynchronously and cannot be obtained directly in the UI thread. At the end of this article, we will provide a Demo to perform network requests in AsyncTaskLoader.

5. Get the current time through Gps:

LocationManager locMan = (LocationManager) this.getSystemService(LOCATION_SERVICE);    
    locMan.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER, 0, 0, new LocationListener() {   
         @Override            public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {  
              long time = location.getTime();         
       Date date = new Date(time);            
   }            @Override            public void onStatusChanged(String provider, int status, Bundle extras) {         
   }            @Override            public void onProviderEnabled(String provider) {          
  }            @Override            public void onProviderDisabled(String provider) {           
 }        });

6. Calculate the difference between the current time zone of the mobile phone and the Beijing time zone:

Date date = new Date(); long timezoneDiff = TimeZone.getDefault().getOffset(date.getTime()) - TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT+8").getOffset(date.getTime());

Through this difference and we get the network time, we can calculate the difference between the local time and the network time. Converts time to solve a series of time errors.

7. Compare the country abbreviation with the time zone Name:
// Main city, country table String [] world = new String [] {
"ad", "Europe/Andorra", "AE", "Asia/Dubai ", "af", "Asia/Kabul", "ag", "America/Antigua",
 "ai", "America/Anguilla", "al", "Europe/Tianyi ", "am", "Asia/Yerevan", "an", "America/Curacao", 
"ao", "Africa/Luanda", "aq", "Antarctica/McMurdo ", "aq", "Antarctica/DumontDUrville",
 "aq", "Antarctica/Casey", "aq", "Antarctica/Davis", "aq", "Antarctica/Mawson ", 
"aq", "Antarctica/Syowa", "aq", "Antarctica/Rothera", "aq", "Antarctica/Palmer", 
"ar ", "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires", "as", "pacpacific/Pago_Pago", "at", "Europe/Vienna", 
"au", "Australia/sysydney ", "au", "Australia/adelide", "au", "Australia/Perth", 
"au", "Australia/eulinoleic", "aw", "America/Aruba ", "ax", "Europe/Mariehamn",
 "az", "Asia/Baku", "ba", "Europe/Sarajevo", "bb", "America/Barbados ", "bd", "Asia/Dhaka", 
"be", "Europe/Brussels", "bf", "Africa/Ouagadougou", "bg", "Europe/Sofia ", "bh", "Asia/Bahrain", 
"bi", "Africa/Bujumbura", "bj", "Africa/Porto-Novo", "bm ", "Atlanta/Bermuda", "bn", "Asia/Brunei", 
"bo", "America/La_Paz", "br", "America/Noronha", "br ", "America/Sao_Paulo", "br", "America/Manaus", 
"bs", "America/Nassau", "bt", "Asia/Thimphu", "bw ", "Africa/Gaborone", "by", "Europe/Minsk", 
"bz", "America/Belize", "ca", "America/St_Johns", "ca ", "America/Halifax", "ca", "America/Toronto",
 "ca", "America/Winnipeg", "ca", "America/Edmonton", "ca ", "America/Vancouver", "cc", "Indian/Cocos", 
"cd", "Africa/Lubumbashi", "cd", "Africa/Kinshasa", "cf ", "Africa/Bangui", "cg", "Africa/Brazzaville", 
"ch", "Europe/Zurich", "ci", "Africa/Abidjan", "ck ", "Pacific/Rarotonga", "cl", "America/Santiago", 
"cl", "Pacific/Easter", "cm", "Africa/Douala", "cn ", "Asia/Shanghai", "co", "America/Bogota", "cr", "America/Costa_Rica",
 "cu", "America/Havana", "cv ", "Atlantic/Cape_Verde", "cx", "Indian/Christmas", "cy", "Asia/nicsia", "cz", "Europe/Prague", 
"de ", "Europe/Berlin", "dj", "Africa/djiboti", "dk", "Europe/Copenhagen", "dm", "America/Dominica", "do ", "America/Santo_Domingo", 
"dz", "Africa/Algiers", "ec", "America/Guayaquil", "ec", "pacpacific/Galapagos", "ee ", "Europe/Tallinn", "eg", "Africa/Cairo", "eh", "Africa/El_Aaiun", 
"er", "Africa/Asmara", "es ", "Europe/Madrid", "es", "Atlanta/Canary", "et", "Africa/Addis_Ababa", "fi", "Europe/Helsinki", "fj ", "pacpacific/Fiji", 
"fk", "Atlanta/Stanley", "fm", "pacpacific/Ponape", "fm", "pacpacific/Truk", "fo ", "Atlanta/Faroe", "fr", "Europe/Paris", "ga", "Africa/Libreville", 
"gb", "Europe/London", "gd ", "America/Grenada", "ge", "Asia/Tbilisi", "gf", "America/Cayenne", "gg", "Europe/Guernsey", "gh ", "Africa/Accra", "gi", "Europe/Gibraltar",
 "gl", "America/Danmarkshavn", "gl", "America/Scoresbysund", "gl ", "America/Godthab", "gl", "America/Thule", "gm", "Africa/Banjul", "gn", "Africa/Conakry", 
"gp ", "America/Guadeloupe", "gq", "Africa/Malabo", "gr", "Europe/Athens", "gs", "Atlanta/South_Georgia", "gt ", "America/Guatemala", "gu", "Pacific/Guam",
 "gw", "Africa/Bissau", "gy", "America/Guyana", "hk ", "Asia/Hong_Kong", "hn", "America/Tegucigalpa", "hr", "Europe/Zagreb", "ht", "America/Port-au-Prince ",
 "hu", "Europe/Budapest", "id", "Asia/Jayapura", "id", "Asia/Makassar", "id", "Asia/Jakarta ", "ie", "Europe/Dublin", "il", "Asia/Jerusalem", "im", "Europe/Isle_of_Man", 
"in", "Asia/Calcutta ", "io", "Indian/Chagos", "iq", "Asia/Baghdad", "ir", "Asia/Tehran", "is", "Atlanta/Reykjavik ", "it", "Europe/Rome", "je", "Europe/Jersey", 
"jm", "America/Jamaica", "jo", "Asia/Amman ", "jp", "Asia/Tokyo", "ke", "Africa/Nairobi", "kg", "Asia/Bishkek", "kh", "Asia/Phnom_Penh ", "ki", "pacpacific/Kiritimati", 
"ki", "pacpacific/Enderbury", "ki", "pacpacific/Tarawa", "km", "Indian/Comoro ", "kn", "America/St_Kitts", "kp", "Asia/Pyongyang", "kr", "Asia/Seoul", "kw", "Asia/Kuwait ", 
"ky", "America/Cayman", "kz", "Asia/Almaty", "kz", "Asia/Aqtau", "la", "Asia/Vientiane ", "lb", "Asia/Beirut", "lc", "America/St_Lucia", "li", "Europe/Vaduz", "lk", "Asia/Colombo ", 
"lr", "Africa/Monrovia", "ls", "Africa/Maseru", "lt", "Europe/Vilnius", "lu", "Europe/Luxembourg ", "lv", "Europe/Riga", "ly", "Africa/Tripoli", "ma", "Africa/Casablanca", "mc", "Europe/Monaco ",
 "md", "Europe/Chisinau", "me", "Europe/Podgorica", "mg", "Indian/Antananarivo", "mh", "pacpacific/Majuro ", "mk", "Europe/Skopje", "ml", "Africa/Bamako", "mm", "Asia/Rangoon", "mn", "Asia/Choibalsan ", 
"mn", "Asia/Hovd", "mo", "Asia/Macau", "mp", "Pacific/Saipan", "mq", "America/Martinique ", "mr", "Africa/Nouakchott", "ms", "America/Montserrat", "mt", "Europe/Malta",
 "mu", "Indian/Mauritius ", "mv", "Indian/Maldives", "mw", "Africa/Blantyre", "mx", "America/Mexico ico_city", "mx", "America/chibaihua ", "mx", "America/Tijuana", 
"my", "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur", "mz", "Africa/Maputo", "na", "Africa/Windhoek ", "nc", "Pacific/Noumea", "ne", "Africa/Niamey", "nf", "Pacific/Norfolk", 
"ng", "Africa/Lagos ", "ni", "America/Managua", "nl", "Europe/Amsterdam", "no", "Europe/Oslo", "np", "Asia/katmanu ", "nr", "pacpacific/Nauru", "nu", "pacpacific/Niue",
 "nz", "pacpacific/Auckland", "nz", "pacpacific/Chatham ", "om", "Asia/Muscat", "pa", "America/Panama", "pe", "America/Lima", "pf", "Pacific/Gambier ", 
"pf", "pacpacific/Marquesas", "pf", "pacpacific/Tahiti", "pg", "pacpacific/Port_Moresby", "ph", "Asia/Manila ", "pk", "Asia/Karachi", "pl", "Europe/Warsaw", 
"pm", "America/Miquelon", "pn", "pacpacific/Pitcairn ", "pr", "America/Puerto_Rico", "ps", "Asia/Gaza", "pt", "Europe/Lisbon", "pt", "Atlanta/Azores ",
 "pw", "Pacific/Palau", "py", "America/Asuncion", "qa", "Asia/Qatar", "re", "Indian/Reunion ", "ro", "Europe/Bucharest", "rs", "Europe/Belgrade",
 "ru", "Asia/Kamchatka", "ru", "Asia/Magadan ", "ru", "Asia/Vladivostok", "ru", "Asia/Yakutsk", "ru", "Asia/Irkutsk", "ru", "Asia/krnoyarsk ",
 "ru", "Asia/Novosibirsk", "ru", "Asia/Yekaterinburg", "ru", "Europe/Samara", "ru", "Europe/Moscow ", "ru", "Europe/Kaliningrad", "rw", "Africa/Kigali",
 "sa", "Asia/Riyadh", "sb", "pacpacific/Guadalcanal ", "SC", "Indian/Mahe", "sd", "Africa/Khartoum", "se", "Europe/stockhoma", "sg", "Asia/Singapore ",
 "sh", "Atlanta/St_Helena", "si", "Europe/Ljubljana", "sj", "Arctic/Longyearbyen", "sk", "Europe/Bratislava ", "sl", "Africa/Freetown", "sm", "Europe/San_Marino", 
"sn", "Africa/Dakar", "so", "Africa/Mogadishu ", "sr", "America/Paramaribo", "st", "Africa/Sao_Tome", "sv", "America/El_Salvador", "sy", "Asia/Damascus ",
 "sz", "Africa/Mbabane", "tc", "America/Grand_Turk", "td", "Africa/Ndjamena", "tf", "Indian/Kerguelen ", "tg", "Africa/Lome", "th", "Asia/Bangkok", "tj", "Asia/Dushanbe", 
"tk", "pacpacific/Fakaofo ", "tl", "Asia/Dili", "tm", "Asia/Ashgabat", "tn", "Africa/Tunis", "to", "pacpacific/Tongatapu ", "tr", "Europe/Istanbul", "tt", "America/Port_of_Spain", 
"TV", "pacpacific/funafti", "tw", "Asia/Taipei ", "tz", "Africa/Dar_es_Salaam", "ua", "Europe/Kiev", "ug", "Africa/Kampala", "um", "pacpacific/Wake ", "um", "pacpacific/Johnston", 
"um", "pacpacific/Midway", "us", "America/New_York", "us", "America/Chicago ", "us", "America/Denver", "us", "America/Los_Angeles", "us", "America/Anchorage", 
"us", "pacpacific/Honolulu ", "uy", "America/Monte video", "uz", "Asia/Tashkent", "va", "Europe/Vatican", "vc", "America/St_Vincent ", "ve", "America/Caracas", "vg", "America/Tortola", 
"vi", "America/St_Thomas", "vn", "Asia/Saigon ", "vu", "pacpacific/Efate", "wf", "pacpacific/Wallis",
 "ws", "pacpacific/Apia", "ye", "Asia/Aden ", "yt", "Indian/Mayotte", "za", "Africa/Johannesburg", "zm", "Africa/Lusaka", "zw ", "Africa/Harare ",};

Test procedure:

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