Android Metro style Launcher write 1, androidmetro

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Android Metro style Launcher write 1, androidmetro

It has been more than three years since graduation. I recall that I have never written a blog in the past three years. I always feel busy and have no time to write. I also feel that writing a blog is useless. However, I can see that many of my colleagues are writing blogs and sharing their own things. So I started to write a series of articles for the purpose of following up with Daniel, sharing first, recording second, I will share the detailed process of my project with you for your reference and communication. Now, let's give a comment!

There may be fewer Android set-top boxes or Android TV development projects, which are basically developed based on the source code. You have a git version library, after you have developed and compiled a version, you need to compile the environment to run on the board. google recommends building a development and compilation environment on the Ubuntu system.

The first thing to do is to build the environment: Launcher is designed to develop the UI on a TV or set-top box. First, consider that the TV size is relatively large, your UI display should be able to look at the appropriate size on the TV screen, and the display should be simple and comfortable. Don't look at the various small icons like native Launcher, and the second is to facilitate remote control operations, the focus navigation display is correct, because it is too inconvenient for you to give the set-top box an external mouse to imitate the touch operation. So everyone will think of a style similar to Windows 8. The design is like the figure below:

Product requirements: (1) when the first screen is displayed, the second screen must be displayed on the right side of the screen and scaled down. When page 2 is displayed, page 1 is scaled down on the left, the page is displayed in three parts, switching between pages is smooth, and the icons are zoomed in and out smoothly. (2) When the focus of each icon is displayed, it must be zoomed in. A shadow or focus box around the icon should be highlighted. when the focus is lost, it should be normally displayed. (3) The application link corresponding to the icon can be configured in the xml file. (4) the number of pages can be configured. You can simply modify the parameters to remove a page. What do you do when you get the above product requirements? I made the following considerations: (1) I thought of ViewPager and viewflipper In the first requirement. The two can achieve smooth page switching. (2) Each icon is abstracted into a View, which can be zoomed in and out with an attribute animation. The corresponding View xml file can customize attributes to complete application link configuration. (3) Flexible addition. to delete a page, consider code implementation.
Oh, I am so tired. It's just a few hours on a Saturday. It's a meaningful day to use the box in the box diary !". The above is my first blog post on Launcher Metro style implementation. It briefly describes the environment configuration and design ideas. If you have any shortcomings, please forgive me and exchange ideas, I will explain the code implementation in my next blog. Please pay more attention to it!

For more information, see,thank you for your cooperation!

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