[Android] mobile guard receives a call broadcast display number from the home location, android guard

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[Android] mobile guard receives a call broadcast display number from the home location, android guard

Use the broadcast receiver to receive the call intention and display the phone number attribution


Create an OutCallReceiver class to inherit the BroadcastReceiver OF THE SYSTEM

Override onReceive () method

Call the getResultData () method to obtain the String phone number and query the database to obtain the region

Package com. qingguow. mobilesafe. receiver; import com. qingguow. mobilesafe. utils. numberQueryAddressUtil; import android. content. broadcastReceiver; import android. content. context; import android. content. intent; import android. widget. toast;/*** receive call broadcast * @ author taoshihan **/public class OutcallReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {@ Override public void onReceive (Context arg0, Intent arg1) {String phone = getResultData (); String address = NumberQueryAddressUtil. queryAddress (phone); System. out. println ("111" + address); Toast. makeText (arg0, address, 1 ). show ();}}



Define the <worker ER> node and <intent-filter> node in the configuration file, and set the <action> node name, android: name = "android. intent. action. NEW_OUTGOING_CALL"

Permission required, android. permission. process_outgoing_cils

Code registration Broadcast

At this time, the broadcast receiver will be called as long as a call is made, and the user experience is poor. We use the code to register the broadcast receiver and use the Enable listening phone call part of the setup center to control the broadcast.


Call the registerReceiver () method in the service to register the broadcast. parameters: BroadcastReceiver object and IntentFilter object

Gets the IntentFilter object and calls the addAction () method of the IntentFilter object. The parameter is android. intent. action. NEW_OUTGOING_CALL.


Remove the registration broadcast from the service and call the unregisterReceiver () method. Parameter: BroadcastReceiver object


Package com. qingguow. mobilesafe. service; import com. qingguow. mobilesafe. aggreger. outcallcycler; import com. qingguow. mobilesafe. utils. numberQueryAddressUtil; import android. app. service; import android. content. intent; import android. content. intentFilter; import android. OS. IBinder; import android. telephony. phoneStateListener; import android. telephony. telephonyManager; import android. widget. toast;/*** Caller Display ** @ author taoshihan **/public class AddressService extends Service {private TelephonyManager tm; private MyPhoneStateListener phoneStateListener; private OutcallReceiver outcallReceiver; @ Override public IBinder onBind (Intent arg0) {// TODO Auto-generated method stub return null;}/*** service creation */@ Override public void onCreate () {super. onCreate (); tm = (TelephonyManager) getSystemService (TELEPHONY_SERVICE); phoneStateListener = new MyPhoneStateListener (); tm. listen (phoneStateListener, PhoneStateListener. LISTEN_CALL_STATE); // register broadcast outcallReceiver = new OutcallReceiver (); IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter (); filter. addAction ("android. intent. action. NEW_OUTGOING_CALL "); registerReceiver (outcallReceiver, filter);} private class MyPhoneStateListener extends PhoneStateListener {@ Override public void onCallStateChanged (int state, String incomingNumber) {super. onCallStateChanged (state, incomingNumber); switch (state) {case TelephonyManager. CALL_STATE_RINGING: String info = NumberQueryAddressUtil. queryAddress (incomingNumber); Toast. makeText (getApplicationContext (), info, 1 ). show (); break; default: break; }}/ *** service destruction */@ Override public void onDestroy () {// TODO Auto-generated method stub super. onDestroy (); // cancel listening to tm. listen (phoneStateListener, PhoneStateListener. LISTEN_NONE); phoneStateListener = null; // unregister the broadcast unregisterReceiver (outcallReceiver); outcallReceiver = null ;}}


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