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The Ormlite database is placed by default under databases, and sometimes you may need to use a database of preset data, and you may need to change the default path.


1, Inherit ormlitesqliteopenhelper:

public class Sqlitehelperorm extends Ormlitesqliteopenhelper {public
  static final String Database_path = Environment
      . getExternalStorageDirectory () + "/test.db";
  @Override public
  synchronized Sqlitedatabase getwritabledatabase () {return
    sqlitedatabase.opendatabase ( Database_path, NULL,

  Public synchronized Sqlitedatabase Getreadabledatabase () {return
    sqlitedatabase.opendatabase (Database_path, NULL,

Code Description:

Note that getwritabledatabase and getreaddatabase are covered here, and there is no super.

2, application inside Create a database

 File F = new file (Sqlitehelperorm.database_path);
    if (!f.exists ()) {
      Sqlitedatabase db = Sqlitedatabase.openorcreatedatabase (
          sqlitehelperorm.database_path, NULL);
      Sqlitehelperorm orm = new Sqlitehelperorm (this);
      Orm.oncreate (db);
      Db.close ();

Note:close off the database.


Search once, confiscated results, after a period of time and search again, found a similar result, thank

The above is a data collation for Android Ormlite using and changing the default location of the database, hoping to help develop Android apps for students.

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