Android phone 20 ways to save electricity

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1. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Adjust the brightness of the screen to the right value by setting---> Sound and display settings---> brightness, but even if the screen brightness of the Android phone is set to a minimum, it can be very clear, but it is effective in saving electricity and can also be checked for the mobile phone that supports optical sensors. Automatic Brightness "according to the external light automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, you can also download the market electronic market to adjust the brightness of the widget easy to set at any time."

2, when not to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G, many mobile phones are built to turn off the above features widget plug-ins, if not pre-installed to the Android Market electronic market Download Toggle widget this software.

3, turn off WiFi and 4G network reminders, through the Mobile menu "Set---> Wireless and network Settings--->wi-fi settings", deselect the network notification function.

4, turn off the data roaming function, through the Mobile phone menu "Set---> Wireless and network Settings---> Mobile network Settings", cancel the selection of data roaming, the cancellation of data roaming can save a lot of mobile phone power, and does not affect the program and mobile phone network functions, the program can still connect the network

5, Closed account synchronization, if you do not use Gmail and other Google services, you can through the "set up---> Account and Synchronization", deselect the automatic sync function. Using automatic Sync will automatically sync your calendar, contacts, Gmail emails and photos to Google servers in the background of your phone, turning off automatic sync and saving network traffic.

6, reduce the screen standby timeout time, by setting---> Sound and display Settings, select the appropriate screen standby timeout, you can choose 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or never time out, select too short screen timeout will often lead to cell phone black screen, Personal advice is set to 1 minutes.

7, when not to close the screen manually, this is a very good habit of saving batteries, but it takes a while to develop, every time you see the phone into the pocket before the Press the power button (hanging machine key) can make the phone black screen, there are some Android phone like HTC EVO 4G power button on top of the phone, the method is the same, This is a good habit of low-carbon and prolonged cell phone charge.

8, close the background data synchronization, through "Set---> Account and Synchronization", deselect background data, note that this may make some network programs will not work properly.

9, reduce the frequency of Automatic Updates, Android has a lot of programs to support automatic synchronization of data, such as weather procedures, news programs, stock scores, and Twitter and other social networking programs, can change the synchronization frequency of these programs to achieve the effect of saving electricity.

10, turn off the wireless network positioning function, if you do not use the Google Maps and other use of your geographic location, you can use the "Set---> Location and security Settings" to turn off wireless network features.

11, close the window animation effect, although these animation effect looks very cool, but actually also very consumes electricity, if you do not care about the handset display effect, may pass "the setting---> The sound and the display setting---> Animation--> no Animation", closes the window animation effect.

12, do not use live wallpaper dynamic wallpaper, dynamic wallpaper is a new feature from the Android 2.1 system, but also looks cool things, but the consumption of electricity and mobile resources, replacement of a static wallpaper can not only help your mobile node, but also allow the mobile phone to run more smoothly.

13, the use of low brightness wallpaper, this is purely low-carbon, although may not help you how much electricity, but if there is a suitable wallpaper, put on it.

14, turn off the Wi-Fi hibernation strategy, this may sound a little strange, but after Wi-fi dormant mobile phone will automatically switch to 3G network, 3G network may consume more battery power than Wi-Fi. You can set---> Wireless and network Settings--->wi-fi settings, and then use the menu keys, select Advanced Options, turn on the Wi-Fi hibernate policy, and choose never hibernate to turn off the WiFi hibernation policy.

15, monitor your mobile phone process (consider using Task Killer management process), the Android 2.1 system began to support the service management function, through the "Set---> Application settings---> Running services", turn off unnecessary services to save electricity, It is also recommended to download task killer process management software to kill unwanted processes at any time, as well as to save cell phone memory for both nodes.

16, carefully choose your screen widget,widget (widget) is the most easy to consume the battery of the program type, because many widgets need real-time access to the network, such as Twitter, news, stocks, mail, weather and other widgets may quickly consume your power, so please choose carefully.

17, turn off the color of LED reminder lights, for some people this is very useful function, you can use different colors of the hint lights to determine whether the message is unread or not answered the phone, but for most people can be closed.

18, turn off the phone vibration, in addition to the noisy environment to prevent leakage of the phone and other things happen, you have any reason to open mobile phone vibration, at least in the office and at home when you can "set---> Sound and display Settings", turn off the phone vibration.

19, turn off the button operation sound, this is also I think the least use of one of the functions, through the "Set---> Sound and display Settings", turn off the phone operating tone.

20, turn off the tactile feedback, tactile feedback is also the first thing you should turn off the function, you can "set---> Sound and display Settings", to deselect the tactile feedback.

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