Android-screen recording Technology Using Reflection

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Screenshotservice. Java

Package COM. screenshot. ui; import android. annotation. suppresslint; import android. app. service; import android. content. intent; import android. graphics. bitmap; import android. graphics. bitmap. config; import android. graphics. canvas; import android. graphics. paint; import android. OS. environment; import android. OS. handler; import android. OS. ibinder; import android. OS. message; import android. view. view; import Java. io. f Ile; import Java. io. filenotfoundexception; import Java. io. fileoutputstream; import Java. io. ioexception; import Java. lang. reflect. field; public class screenshotservice extends Service {public static final Boolean sss_default_start = false; public static final Boolean sss_start = true; public static final Boolean sss_stop = false; public static final string transcribe_tag = "transcribe_tag"; public static fi NAL long sss_delay_millis = 100l; public static final string sss_file_path = "/luzhi/"; public static final int sss_msg_what = 256; private screenshotservicehandler handler; private Boolean isstart = sss_stop; private view [] getwindowdecorviews () throws exception {class <?> Windowmanager = Class. forname ("android. view. windowmanagerimpl "); field viewsfield = windowmanager. getdeclaredfield ("mviews"); field instancefield = windowmanager. getdeclaredfield ("mwindowmanager"); viewsfield. setaccessible (true); instancefield. setaccessible (true); object instance = instancefield. get (null); view [] viewarray = (view []) viewsfield. get (instance); If (viewarray = NULL) | (viewarray. length <0) {return NULL;} int I = 0; view [] views = new view [viewarray. length]; for (view V: viewarray) {views [I ++] = V;} int [] arrayofint = new int [2]; view localview; Int J = 0; int length = views. length; for (I = 0; I <length; I ++) {localview = views [I]; localview. getlocationonscreen (arrayofint); If (arrayofint [0]> 0) | (arrayofint [1]> 0) {for (j = I + 1; j <views. length; j ++) {views [J-1] = views [J] ;} Views [views. length-1] = localview; Length --; I --;} return views;} private void savepic (Bitmap parambitmap, string paramstring) {fileoutputstream Fos = NULL; try {Fos = new fileoutputstream (paramstring); If (null! = FOS) {parambitmap. compress (bitmap. compressformat. PNG, 90, FOS); FOS. flush (); FOS. close () ;}} catch (filenotfoundexception e) {e. printstacktrace ();} catch (ioexception e) {e. printstacktrace () ;}} private void screenshot () {try {view [] arrayofview = getwindowdecorviews (); bitmap localbitmap = view2bitmap (arrayofview); New savefilethread (localbitmap ). start ();} catch (exception localexception) {localti Ti On. printstacktrace () ;}} private bitmap view2bitmap (view paramview) {log. E ("savefilethread view2bitmap (view)"); paramview. setdrawingcacheenabled (true); paramview. builddrawingcache (); bitmap localbitmap1 = paramview. getdrawingcache (); bitmap localbitmap2 = NULL; If (localbitmap1! = NULL) {localbitmap2 = bitmap. createbitmap (localbitmap1);} paramview. destroydrawingcache (); Return localbitmap2;} private bitmap view2bitmap (view [] paramarrayofview) {canvas localcanvas = NULL; paint localpaint = NULL; bitmap newbitmap = NULL; int [] arrayofint = new int [2]; for (view localview: paramarrayofview) {bitmap localbitmap = view2bitmap (localview); localview. getlocationonscreen (arrayofint); If (L Ocalbitmap! = NULL) {If (localcanvas = NULL) {newbitmap = bitmap. createbitmap (localview. getwidth (), localview. getheight (), config. argb_8888); // create a new and srclocalcanvas = new canvas (newbitmap); localpaint = new paint ();} localcanvas. drawbitmap (localbitmap, arrayofint [0], arrayofint [1], localpaint); localbitmap. recycle (); localbitmap = NULL;} If (localcanvas! = NULL) {localcanvas. save (canvas. all_save_flag); // save localcanvas. restore (); // store} return newbitmap;} public ibinder onbind (intent paramintent) {return NULL;} public void oncreate () {super. oncreate (); log. E ("screenshotservice oncreate"); handler = new screenshotservicehandler ();} public void onstart (intent paramintent, int paramint) {super. onstart (paramintent, paramint); log. E ("screenshotservice onstart -- --- Start ---- "); string STR = transcribe_tag; Boolean localstart = paramintent. getbooleanextra (STR, sss_default_start); If (this. isstart! = Localstart) {This. isstart = localstart; If (this. isstart = sss_start) {handler. sendemptymessagedelayed (sss_msg_what, sss_delay_millis);} else {handler. removemessages (sss_msg_what) ;}}@ suppresslint ({"handlerleak", "handlerleak"}) private class screenshotservicehandler extends handler {public void handlemessage (Message parammessage) {If (parammessage. what = sss_msg_what) {screenshotservice. this. s Creenshot (); If (screenshotservice. this. isstart) {screenshotservice. this. handler. sendemptymessagedelayed (sss_msg_what, sss_delay_millis) ;}}} private class savefilethread extends thread {private bitmap mbitmap; Public savefilethread (Bitmap arg2) {This. mbitmap = arg2;} public void run () {If (this. mbitmap = NULL) {log. E ("savefilethread run mbitmap is null");} file localfile1 = environment. getexternalst Oragedirectory (); file localfile2 = new file (localfile1, sss_file_path); If (! Localfile2.exists () {localfile2.mkdirs ();} string filename = localfile2.getabsolutepath () + "/" + system. currenttimemillis () + ". PNG "; log. E ("savefilethread run picpath =" + filename); screenshotservice. this. savepic (mbitmap, filename); this. mbitmap. recycle (); this. mbitmap = NULL ;}}}

Playactivity. Java

Package COM. screenshot. ui; import android. app. activity; import android. graphics. bitmap; import android. graphics. bitmapfactory; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. environment; import android. OS. handler; import android. OS. message; import android. view. window; import android. view. windowmanager; import android. widget. imageview; import Java. io. file; import Java. util. arrays; import Java. util. comparator; import Com. screenshot. r; public class playactivity extends activity {private playactivityhandler mhandler; private imageview play_iv; private file [] arrayoffile2; private file [] getfilelist () {file localfile1 = environment. getexternalstoragedirectory (); file localfile2 = new file (localfile1, screenshotservice. sss_file_path); file [] arrayoffile; If (! Localfile2.exists () {return NULL;} arrayoffile = localfile2.listfiles (); arrays. sort (arrayoffile, new comparator <File> () {@ overridepublic int compare (File paramfile1, file paramfile2) {long file1name = long. valueof (getfilenamenoex (paramfile1.getname (); long file2name = long. valueof (getfilenamenoex (paramfile2.getname (); Return (INT) (file1name-file2name) ;}}); Return arrayoffile;} private void play () {Arrayoffile2 = getfilelist (); mhandler. setcount (0); mhandler. sendemptymessagedelayed (screenshotservice. sss_msg_what, screenshotservice. sss_delay_millis);} Public String getextensionname (string paramstring) {If (paramstring! = NULL) & (paramstring. length ()> 0) {int I = paramstring. lastindexof ('. '); if (I>-1) {Int J = paramstring. length () +-1; if (I <j) {int K = I + 1; paramstring = paramstring. substring (k) ;}}return paramstring;} Public String getfilenamenoex (string paramstring) {If (paramstring! = NULL) & (paramstring. length ()> 0) {int I = paramstring. lastindexof ('. '); if (I>-1) {Int J = paramstring. length (); if (I <j) paramstring = paramstring. substring (0, I) ;}} return paramstring;} protected void oncreate (bundle parambundle) {super. oncreate (parambundle); // set the Untitled requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title); // sets full screen getwindow (). setflags (windowmanager. layoutparams. flag_fullscreen, windowmana Ger. layoutparams. flag_fullscreen); setcontentview (R. layout. play); this. play_iv = (imageview) findviewbyid (R. id. play_iv); mhandler = new playactivityhandler (); play ();} private class playactivityhandler extends handler {private int COUNT = 0; // Private bitmap localbitmap; Public void setcount (INT vaule) {COUNT = vaule ;}@ overridepublic void handlemessage (Message MSG) {If (arrayoffile2! = NULL & count <arrayoffile2.length) {bitmap localbitmap = bitmapfactory. decodefile (arrayoffile2 [count ++]. getabsolutepath (); play_iv.setimagebitmap (localbitmap); mhandler. sendemptymessagedelayed (screenshotservice. sss_msg_what, screenshotservice. sss_delay_millis );}}}}
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