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Android Studio 100 tips and tricks, androidtricks
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This article aims to summarize some tips for using Android Studio. It may take some time for most people who are used to using eclipse. However, if you have read the following introduction, you will be able to understand the power of Android Studio, but this article only lists the tip of the iceberg. After a deep understanding, there will be more worth discovering!

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Tip: ctrl + space

Press ctrl + shift + up/down to move up/down code lines

Start the debugging shortcut: alt + shift + F10

In many places, you can use ctrl + space to complete and prompt

Select Show Applied Styles For Tag on the context menu to display the HTML tag layout.

Press ctrl + shift + I to display information about the Image.

Rename the shortcut key shift + f6

Show and hide navigation menu shortcut: alt + home

The changes window displays all the changes. The shortcut key is alt + f9.

You can select the classpath or project file of eclipse to import an eclipse file.

You can display all the related classes, methods, and variable shortcut keys of the selected object, ctrl + alt + f7

Use the shortcut key atrl + shift + a to open the search box for the command

You can use the search box to quickly find related items.

Ctrl + shift + enter allows you to automatically add parentheses and semicolons after writing some code

Press ctrl + shift + f7 to view all interfaces implemented by this class.

When using the search box, click the drop-down arrow to view the search history

You can also use ctrl + space to complete the search.

You can use ctrl + shift + f7 to view all the return points of a method.

Use the shortcut key on the exception keyword, ctrl + shift + f7 to view the exception to be captured

Alt + enter to quickly prompt for modification errors

Ctrl + click to display other files in the directory where the file is located

Collaborative work and Version Control

You can directly edit the color in the css file.

Click alt + enter on the class name to quickly create the Test

Press and hold alt to select multiple columns.

Differentiate files by different colors

Version Control Problems

The system comes with spell check.

The. dic file defines the words you want to check

Version Control Problems

Use ctrl + tab to switch among all open documents, press ctrl, use the up and down arrow keys, tab, shift + tab, and alt to navigate, and use delete and backspace to close the document

How to close other tabs: Right-click and select, and press and hold alt to close

Press ctrl + shift + n to search for related files

Show diff is used to display the modification records.

Select the jar file to be compared on the project, and press ctrl + d to compare

Split display

Ctrl + space completion do not need to be input in order

When ctrl + f is used to search, the field is added through atrl + r.

You can select the corresponding tag in scope to find

You can use ctrl and shift to select multiple tasks on the task list.

Run/debug can be managed by group

Use Emmet to accelerate HTML Development

You can select the ending line feed mode for the following information.

Use file line separators to select separators for different systems

Ctrl + alt + shift + t to display refactoring Information

You can add to favorites.

You can also drag the document to favorites.

You can drag it to layout the interface.

You can directly open the terminal under tools

After Automatic completion, values can be automatically taken from an array

After Automatic completion, values can be automatically taken from an array

You can use ctrl + shift + enter to select the current prompt.

Auto-completion passed! To complete other code

Press ctrl + space twice in a row to display all related information.

Press ctrl + enter to select the first prompt.

You can select the sorting method in the automatic prompt.

After entering the code segment, you can press ctrl + j to select other prompts

Create multiple cursor using alt + shift + click

Press ctrl + shift + a to clone create

Ctrl + q to display Document Information

You can choose show quick doc on mouse move to suspend the prompt document like eclipse

Alt + f12 started through the terminal

Press ctrl + space twice to import the prompts in other namespaces

The SQL prompt is also displayed.

Ctrl + q quick notes

Use ctrl + B to view declarative Information

Rename the shortcut key shift + f6

Ctrl + o quick rewrite method, ctrl + I quick implementation Interface

The shortcut key ctrl + shift + space can prompt the code segment.

When using auto-completion, you can use a tab in the pop-up box to select

Alt + insert can quickly create some methods

Enter keywords to search

Ctrl + alt + t to select template code

Use ctrl + alt + v to extract refactoring code

Automatically comment ctrl +/ctrl + shift +/

Ctrl + d to copy a row

Use the tab to use the template

Ctrl + e to find historical records

Shell can also be customized

Press ctrl + up/down arrow to select

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4. Click push and click

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