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First, Introduction

Android Studio is Google's newly released Android application development environment, and Android Studio is based on IntelliJ idea development. In the Android Studio development environment, Android developers can easily debug Android apps, and Android Studio is not just an IDE-integrated environment for Android , but it has the following features:

* Build support based on Gradle

*android-specific refactoring and quick fixes

* Prompt tool to capture issues such as performance, availability, version compatibility, and so on

* Support Proguard and application signatures

* Template-based wizards to generate common Android application designs and components

* Powerful layout editor that allows you to drag UI controls and preview effects

Google has improved the developer console by adding five new features, including optimizing tips, applying translation services, referral tracking, revenue graphs, beta testing, and staged presentations.

1, optimize tips: Open your application in the main body, click Tips, you will get the advice: for your application development tablet version.

2, Application Translation services: Allows developers to directly in the development of the subject to obtain professional translation. Upload your request, choose the translator, it will show the translator and the price, and send back the translation within a week.

3, recommended tracking: Allow developers to find the most effective advertising

4, Revenue curve: To show developers their application revenue to the country to divide

5, trial version test and staged display: Developers can test the application, and then to the test users, the test results will not be published. When a version of the test is finished, the developer can launch it to a specific percentage of users.

Android Studio's development tool was unveiled for the first time, which is also designed to facilitate developers based on Android.

One problem to solve first is multiresolution. Android devices have a large number of different sizes of screens and resolutions, and according to the new studio, developers can easily adjust their applications on various resolution devices.

At the same time, studio solves language problems, and multilingual versions, support translations, make developers more responsive to the global development environment. Studio also provides revenue logging capabilities.

The biggest change is the functionality of the beta test. Studio provides beta testing, which makes it easy for developers to run a trial.

Second, download

1. Download JDK:


2. Download Android Studio:


Third, installation

1. Install JDK:

The next step, I will not say.

2. Set the system variable (WIN7):

Click "New" in the Red box

Then add 3 new System variables, respectively.


C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21bin; C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21jrebin; C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21libtools.jar; C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21libdt.jar;


C:Program filesjavajdk1.7.0_21; C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21bin; C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_21jrebin;


C:Program filesjavajdk1.7.0_21

after the addition, you can use Oh, otherwise there will be inexplicable problems. Remember to replace "c:program filesjavajdk1.7.0_21" with your own installation directory.

3. Install Android Studio:

The next step is not to say.

4. Start:

(Note: If your JDK is not installed, or the JDK's system configuration is not modified, you may not get in.) Or no response after running. )

This is the new interface that you see when you come in.

New Project Here

And then the tragedy. Here to update, OK, MS is the 1.4GB SDK package. After the update, you can use, send a few effect chart.

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