Android wireless debugging-remove the USB data cable

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Android Developers all know that real machine debugging requires connecting the mobile phone to the PC, and then deploying the application to the real machine for installation and debugging. The long USB cable is troublesome, And it is inconvenient to connect the USB interface to other devices. Today, we will introduce a method for debugging a real machine without passing the USB cable.

First, let the mobile phone and the computer be in the same LAN, then download an application named adbwireless (which can be found at the Google Play Store), download the installed software, and run it, the IP address and port number of the mobile phone on the current LAN are displayed (if the mobile phone needs root). Then, the IP address and port number are displayed on the mobile phone.

Then open the command line, enter the platform-Tools Folder In the SDK installation directory, enter the ADB connect mobile phone IP address (my name is, and press Enter. the following result is displayed:

Finally, check that the mobile phone has been connected to the computer in the eclipse device, and the source displays the IP Address:

Run a project at will, and the project is successfully run on the mobile phone. You can view the log diary and debugging information. OK, everything is done. Enjoy the development without using USB cables.

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