Apply for urgent review after submission by iOS, and apply for urgent review after submission by ios

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Apply for urgent review after submission by iOS, and apply for urgent review after submission by ios

I have heard of the urgent review before and never used it. It was awesome yesterday. I submitted the application at nearly 8 o'clock (Beijing time) last night. I checked it at work this morning and it has passed the review. It can be downloaded from the AppStore.

The reason for the urgency is a miserable reminder. I have been updating the old version (changing the bug of other people's Code) years ago. I won't change it for more than a week, make a new version. Finally, I started to write new versions by myself. We have been working on a new version since. The manager urged me every day. When the boss often asked about the progress, the implementation said that the xxx team had to accept the ticket on the 20th, but the acceptance was not subject to a lawsuit ......

Then I began to find other people's code to change bugs sadly. A dozen of them were not very difficult, but very uncomfortable ~

After the overtime work is completed on the 18 th, test the work for the tester on the 19 th. Then I start the new version. When the test result was completed, no message was sent. LZ found the test and asked if the test was complete? Then the test MM smiled and told me, ah, forget to tell you, no problem. At that time, the arc tracking time was around six o'clock P.M., and the normal off-duty time of LZ was. And then begin to return to submit today. The submission speed is slow! There is no way to enable the MI country VPN, the speed is much faster, watching the progress bar go forward at, slowly go ...... N a long time later. Then the above text prompts that the submission has been completed, but the progress bar has returned to the initial position. Why ?! Angry! Go to iTunes connect to refresh the status prompt waiting for submission =!

Okay, submit it again --> then the system will not move ~~ The vpn in other countries is not easy to use. It is still the reason for Cook's server ....

Alas, canceling the submission and then using Application Loader to submit, package, select, and upload are slow, but everything goes smoothly. The network speed was finally submitted successfully. The refresh status in iTunes connect is pending for review. OK, finally submitted.

So much ~

Next, go to the topic. After submission, enter the expedited review page.


Select expedited review in I wowould like

Then fill in the relevant information.

Enter the application name in App Information, and the ID is a 9-digit digital ID.


Select the reason and enter the reason.

Here, we should note that the reason is generally that the success rate of user security problems or crash problems is higher (LZ writes crash, not to mention that I am in a hurry, and Apple will disagree, the previous version does have a crash problem, but not many ~ I will not talk about it here, you know)

Another thing to note is that if the problem is a crash, you 'd better write down the operation steps so that the auditor can reproduce the problem.

PS. If you encounter a hard time or bad character, please handle it separately ~

This is the time to move on ~

Information sharing, reposted for free, but please indicate the source


2014.5.10 supplement:

Previously, I heard people say that there are only two opportunities to be in a hurry in a year. I have never tried it, so I cannot prove whether it is true.

Last night (Friday evening) Because sales started to be promoted in large quantities on Monday, the third expedited review began this year ......

When I got up this morning, I was still worried that it would fail, but I checked the AppStore and it had passed the review.

It indicates that there were only two urgent review opportunities in the past year. As to the number of urgent review opportunities in a year, the official website does not see the relevant instructions, nor can it determine the number of times.

If you have any documents or instructions about shoes, I hope you can share them with us ~

2014.5.14 supplement:

The fourth expedited request took about two days from submission to approval.

2015.6.2 supplement:

Urgent review instructions can be written in Chinese. Here, I would like to thank @ 7th ant financial for providing valuable information.

Reprinted please indicate the source:

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