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Many people mistakenly think that ASP is a simple, inefficient pronoun, that the ASP is Low-energy, not mentioning, but also very simple, a study will be proficient.

Some people say that ASP is not safe, write the ASP's program, if strictly according to the code to write the safe writing, write the program there is no reason not safe. Those people said that ASP is not safe, as if PHP, JSP program will not appear SQL injection like.

Some people say ASP inefficient, really want to efficient words you can combine COM, in the Win32 platform COM efficiency Java is never catch up. What is the point of simply speaking speed? Java speed is absolutely not high, on the speed of words, many technical solutions are higher than the speed of Java, this point to learn the Java people most clearly, but who cares about this point? Java's victory is definitely not because of its speed. It is irrational to say speed simply by throwing away the specific application environment.

Some people say that ASP this can not do, that can not do, the function is very limited. In fact, as long as you understand the principles of the web, you will understand that write ASP program surface is playing a scripting language, but you command the Web Server, there are a lot of complex functions ASP can also do well, some features ASP if because of the inherent limitations of Web applications do not do, you do not think JSP , PHP can do it.

Again mentioned function. To say the function words Asp+sql server certainly than Php+mysql, MySQL does not support transaction processing, this one lets the PHP developer eat how many losses, no view, no stored procedures and triggers, no database-side user-defined functions, can not fully use the standard SQL syntax , this is the drawback of MySQL. But does the PHP programmer care? No! Because the most they care about is MySQL quickly. (Note that MySQL is fast, not PHP soon.) Again, MySQL does not support transaction processing, not PHP's fault. In the face of php+mysql, people are so rational. The face of the ASP when many people lack of this rational understanding.

There's also a mention of MVC, yes I know that JSP can play MVC well. But MVC this kind of programming idea is not a Java or some kind of scheme patent, as long as has mastered the MVC framework thought, you can write such ASP program, PHP program.

What is the point of a lot of people simply doing a comparison of the language itself? As if you talk about JSP when you do not talk about JavaBeans, do not talk about EJB, then you talk about JSP what is the significance of it? The same talk about ASP when you do not talk about COM, what is the point? Don't forget that the core of ASP is COM. When talking about PHP, if you don't talk about its powerful platform,--unix/linx,php is nothing.

But one thing is for sure: ASP's entry threshold is the lowest. This should be considered the advantages of the ASP, it is adhering to the Microsoft technology has always been the style-simple, low entry threshold. It is also because of this that a large number of new web development field Novice can quickly develop the site. But also because of this, so many master of the ASP's little fur knowledge of the people think of the ASP very well, the result of writing a very garbage program, let others see the jokes of ASP. In fact, some of the JSP programmers I have contacted are very rubbish, they handle the database operation when the low-level errors are full, but because they are developed in Java, so give others feel like the superior. In fact, a good programmer if you understand some of the principles of ASP can also be able to manage the ASP very well. Some people do not turn to ASP, you can not say that this is an ASP problem. Most people who do not go to the ASP are not properly understanding the web, rather than not having a proper understanding of the syntax in the ASP.

ASP's syntax is very simple, Java syntax is not where to go, C + + and C, although complex but as long as a person with normal intelligence there is no reason to learn.

The problem is that the syntax itself is simple, but the web is complex. We are not here to dabble in some kind of scripting language, we are doing web development.

Although web development has different solutions, the basic principles are interlinked. If you know how the Web-side program works, you'll understand that the syntax of the development technology you use is just an entry-level challenge, and the real difficulty is not in what technology you use to develop Web applications, but in the intricacies of Web applications.

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