ASP. NET 5 Beta 7, asp. netbeta

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ASP. NET 5 Beta 7, asp. netbeta

Microsoft also released ASP. NET 5 Road Map (see ASP. NET 5 Schedule and Roadmap: Beta7 was released in September 2. the previous cross-platform features of DNX mainly depend on Mono on non-Windows platforms ,. NET Core supports extremely limited. This version focuses on implementation based on. the cross-platform development of NET Core provides Mac and Linux platforms based on. NET Core dnx to achieve complete. NET cross-platform development workflow, the first implementation is no longer dependent on Mono. In Microsoft's. NET Web development tools blog published a detailed description: B /webdev/archive/2015/09/02/announcing-availability-of-asp-net-5-beta7.aspx, mainly includes the following content:

For VS2015 development on Windows, in addition to upgrading DNX to Beta7, you also need to install the new WebToolsExtensions: Id = 48738.

Install references in Linux (

Install reference ( in Mac ).

In addition to fully cross-platform implementations, there are also the following changes and enhancements:

  • The dnx command is simplified. You do not need to enter the "point ".
  • You can use the previous app. config file when using the full version of. NET Framework.
  • Optimized MVC functions in Razor, ViewComponent, and TagHelper.
  • Changed the MVC startup code:
  • The IConfiguration API has changed:
  • The name of the DNX underlying assembly was changed:

    In addition to publishing ASP. NET 5 Beta7, another noteworthy thing is the publication of the ASP. NET WebHooks preview edition. I have also written many articles to introduce ASP. NET WebHooks:

  • Introducing Microsoft ASP. NET WebHooks Preview: Http:// B /webdev/archive/2015/09/04/introducing-microsoft-asp-net-webhooks-preview.aspx
  • Integrating with Slack Using ASP. NET WebHooks Preview: Http:// B /webdev/archive/2015/09/06/receiving-slack-webhooks-with-asp-net-webhooks.aspx
  • Integrating with Salesforce using ASP. NET WebHooks Preview: Http:// B /webdev/archive/2015/09/07/integrating-with-salesforce-using-asp-net-webhooks-preview.aspx

WebHooks is a lightweight HTTP interaction mode. It integrates the SaaS system and web api through a simple publishing/subscription mode. The previous two blogs respectively introduced Saleforce and Slack through ASP. NET WebHooks integration. ASP. NET WebHooks includes the sending and receiving functions (the underlying technology is Web API 2 and MVC 5, and ASP. NET 5 is not yet supported ):

  • At the receiving end, a common model is provided for receiving and processing the WebHook from any WebHook provider. It also has built-in Dropbox, GitHub, MailChimp, PayPal, Pusher, Slack, Stripe, Trello, and WordPress providers' implementations. That is to say, it is easy to develop a program to monitor Dropbox file changes or GitHub submissions.
  • On the sender side, you can manage and store subscriber information, and send event reminders to appropriate subscriber. This simplifies the development of WebHook senders.

Detailed development instructions can refer to the above three blog, more important is to read the source code ( ).

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