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I. Delegation and thread

Ii. Delegated instance

Iii. Running Effect

I. Delegation and thread

. Commission Basis
-Purpose of delegation: To pass functions as parameters
-Similar to function pointers in C ++, function pointers are different from function pointers: function pointers can only reference static methods, while delegation can reference static methods or instance methods, when a delegate references an instance method, the delegate not only stores the reference to the method entry point, but also stores the instance reference to call this method.
-Is the basis for event processing.
-Delegate Declaration: delegate int MyDelegate (int I); int indicates the function return type, MyDelegate indicates the delegate name, And I indicates the function parameter.

Ii. Delegated instance

1: declare Delegation

Delegate int MyDelegate (int I );

2: Define a static method and return the product of two numbers

Public static int DelegateMethod (int I)

Return I * I;


3: declare a delegate variable mydelegate and bind it to the static method DelegateMethod.

MyDelegate mydelegate = new MyDelegate (DelegateMethod );


Using System;
Using System. Collections. Generic;
Using System. Linq;
Using System. Text;

Namespace _ 3_DelegateUse
Class Program
// Step 1: Delegate
Public delegate int MyDelegate (int I );
Static void Main (string [] args)
// Step 3 declare a delegate variable mydelegate and bind it to the static method DelegateFunction
MyDelegate mydelegate = new MyDelegate (DelegateFunction );
Console. Write ("enter a number :");
Int I = Int32.Parse (Console. ReadLine ());
// Call the delegate method DelegateFunction
Int intResult = mydelegate (I );
Console. WriteLine ("Result:" + intResult );
Console. ReadLine ();

// Step 2 defines a static method and returns the product of two numbers.
Public static int DelegateFunction (int I)
Return I * I;

Iii. Running Effect


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