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This article takes Active Server Pages as the center to fully demonstrate the production process, and uses a large number of examples to explain and demonstrate the process step by step, it makes it easier for you to enter the ASP gate in constant theories and practices. Before learning to apply ASP, let's take a look at the advantages of ASP.
ASP (Active Server Pages) dynamic web Pages are a technology launched by Microsoft to replace General Gateway interfaces of CGI (Common Gateway Interface. We can use ASP to combine the knowledge of HTML language, ASP commands, ActiveX components, and databases to create and run dynamic interactive Web sites on our Web servers. The main advantages of ASP are summarized as follows:
1. You can use VBScript or JScript to create scripts, and use HTML to easily complete website applications. Which language does not matter for VBScript and JScript? The Web server processes the two languages and sends HTML formatting results to the user's browser.
2. Because ASP can easily write programs using the Script language (VBScript and JScript), this greatly saves network designers the time to learn a new language. In addition, you do not need to compile the ASP program manually or link the program, but can directly execute it on the server side, which is undoubtedly more convenient for our compilation process.

3. Use a text editor such as Notepad to edit the design, for example, Windows Notepad. We recommend that you do not use the home pages such as FontPage98 or DreamWeaver2.0 to make software modifications, because they will damage the source code. Here, we recommend that you use the CuteHTML editor carried by CuteFTP for editing and design.

4. ASP is running on the server, so we don't have to worry about whether the browser supports the programming language used by ASP. Users only need to use a browser that can execute HTML code, you can view the webpage content designed by Active Server Pages. ASP runs on the server. After the program is executed, the server only returns the execution result to the client browser, which reduces the burden on the client browser and greatly improves the interaction speed.
5. ASP is compatible with any ActiveX scripting language. In addition to VBScript or JScript, other scripting languages provided by a third party, such as Perl and Tcl, are also used in plug-in. The script engine is a COM (Component Object Model) Component that processes scripts.

6. Hide the program code of Active Server Pages. On the client, you can only view the dynamic HTML file output by ASP. Therefore, it can avoid the plagiarism of the source program written by others and improve the security of the program.

7. Use the server script to generate the client script.
8. Object oriented and extends the ActiveX Server component functions.
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