ASP Programming Basics (11): Chat program

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The common Chat room program, that is, the Chat program, does not use the basic structure of the database. So what technology is used? We know that the Session variable in ASP variables is used to record the information of a single user and track user behavior. The Application object acts as a global variable, multiple users on the site can share information on the page.
As you can imagine, in the current chat program, a chat member is a Session variable, and sessions between chat members are shared and displayed as Application variables so that all members can see them.
Next we will use a classic instance program for understanding and analysis.
1. chat. asp
<% If Request. ServerVariables ("Request_Method") = "GET" then %>
<Form method = "post" action = "chat. asp">
<Input type = "text" name = "nick" value = "your nick name"> <p>
<Input type = "submit" value = "come in"> <p>
<Input type = "hidden" name = "log" size = "20" value = "1">
<% Response. End
Response. clear
Dim talk
If Request. Form ("nick") <> "then
Session ("nick") = Request. Form ("nick ")
End if
<Form method = "post" action = "chat. asp" name = form1>
<% = Session ("nick") %> speaker:
<Input type = "text" name = "talk" size = "50"> <br>
<Input type = "submit" value = "submit">
<Input type = "reset" value = "cancel"> </p>
<A href = "chat. asp"> exit </a> <br>
If Request. Form ("log") <> 1 then
If trim (Request. Form ("talk") = "" then
Talk = Session ("nick") & "don't say a word, you just want to give it away"
Talk = trim (Request. Form ("talk "))
End If
Application. lock
Application ("show") = "from" & Request. serverVariables ("remote_addr") & "& Session (" nick ") &" in "& time: "& talk &" <br> "& Application (" show ")
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