ASP Programming Basics (15th): Counters

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This component is used to create one or more counters that track the number of visits to a webpage or website. You can create only one counter component, but this component can have more than one counter.
Once a counter is created, it continues until it is deleted.
Counters are not automatically added when an event, such as accessing a page. You must use the Set and Increment methods to manually Set or increase the counter.
The counter is not limited by the scope. Once a counter is created, any page on the site can retrieve and control its values.
1. Counters. Set & Counters. Get
Counters. Set is mainly used to Set the initial value of the count, and Counters. Get is used to extract the count value.
1, counts_set.asp
Set Counters = server. createobject ("MSWC. Counters ")
Counters. Set "cnbruce", 10
Counters. set "it365cn", 20
Counters. set "blueidea", 30
<% = Counters. Get ("cnbruce") %> total visits to <br>
Total visits <% = Counters. Get ("it365cn") %> to the website <br>
Total visits <% = Counters. Get ("blueidea") %> <br>

The usage is simple. First, "Counters = server. createobject ("MSWC. counters ") indicates that a Counters component connection is established. Counters. set "cnbruce", 10 indicates that the initial value "cnbruce" is counted as 10; Counters. get ("cnbruce") indicates to extract the record value named "cnbruce.
II. Counters. Increment
The function of this method is to add one key at a time. In the above example, when you refresh the page, the records are not added, so use the Increment method now.
2, counts_inc.asp
Set Counters = server. createobject ("MSWC. Counters ")
Total <% = Counters. Increment ("cnbruce") %> visits to <br>
Total visits <% = Counters. Increment ("it365cn") %> to <br>
Total visits <% = Counters. Increment ("blueidea") %> <br>

The basic code is similar, mainly because the Counters. Increment function accumulates 1.
A simple voting system can be built based on accumulation.
3. vote. asp
Set Counters = server. createobject ("MSWC. Counters ")
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