Automate the release of Jenkins at specified times by shell+atd scheduled tasks

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Our company is through the Git+jenkins+shell+docker to achieve automated update release.

Here I say how I use the SHELL+ATD service, at 21:00 in the evening to complete the lead account of a project on-line operation. Note that this on-line project and on-line time is not fixed! Note: This is different from Jenkins ' timing task, which is a one-time task and needs to be set manually.

The CTO stipulates that the website will be released after 21:00 every day, and the development informs me that the API project will be online 9 o'clock at the end of work. TM back to play LOL or something easy to forget (CTO said: I hope this kind of thing will not happen!! ), how?

So, I wrote a shell,at 21:00/ (script path/script name) to complete the online task automatically.

Shell script running principle: Through Curl access to the Web page, with the command to determine the information built, success and failure to send a build reminder to the phone and mailbox, midway failure will not perform the next step.

Our Jenkins release needs to build 2 tasks to complete: the first step, the second release, which runs a script that performs several tasks in turn. Don't say much nonsense, put on the script.


# ——————————————————————— The following items need to be modified manually before use ——————————————————————

#开发测试 Jenkins Links

Jenkins_path= "Http://IP: Port/job"

#新版本接口 Jenkins Links

#jenkins_path = "Http://IP/view/All/job"


#buildJob = "It_test" #测试项目

#buildJob = "Tmp_accompany-server"

#buildJob = "Tmp-accompany-server_1-deploy"

#buildJob = "Tmp-accompany-server_2-deploy"

#构建任务列表, the build is executed sequentially

#arr = ("Tmp_accompany-server" "Tmp-accompany-server_1-deploy" "Tmp-accompany-server_2-deploy")

Arr= ("It_test" "It_test")

# ——————————————————————— The above content needs to be modified manually before use ——————————————————————

# —————————————————————————— Define the outgoing mail function —————————————————————————————————

Email () {

/sendemail/sendemail-f [email protected]-t [email protected]-t [email protected]-s "Build INFO"-O Message-content-type=html-o Message-charset=utf8-xu [email protected]-XP Quhu.hill.4-m $


# —————————————————————————— Define the Jenkins build function —————————————————————————————

Build () {


If [-Z $];then

echo "ERROR, no build link passed in! "

Exit 1


#把这个项目的页面信息存到build the. tmp file

Curl-s-o build.tmp ${1}


lastbuild=$ (grep-oe "Last Build \ (\#[0-9]*" Build.tmp |grep-oe [0-9]*]




Curl-u Admin:quhuhaohushi-s-D build-d delay=0sec ${1}build?delay=0sec

echo "Buliding ${buildjob} #${newbuild} Url:${1}"

Echo-n "Building ..."

Sleep 5

#访问最新构建结果信息放到build the. tmp2 file

#http://ip:port/job/test/buildhistory/ajax--header n:${num} num storage wants to see the build result information for a specific time

The result of the #下面为查看最新构建 (the build that was just triggered).

Curl-o build.tmp2-s--header N:${newbuild} ${1}buildhistory/ajax

#判断结果文件中是否包含 in Progress (queued) |pending (in the build), yes, every three seconds to get the results back to judgment.

While Grep-qe "in Progress|pending" BUILD.TMP2;


Echo-n "."

Sleep 3

Curl-o build.tmp2-s--header N:${newbuild} ${1}buildhistory/ajax




If Grep-qe "Success" BUILD.TMP2; then

echo "Build Success"

Email "Build success! ${buildjob} "


Elif grep-qe "Unstable" BUILD.TMP2;

echo "Build Success, but is a Unstable build"

Email "Build Success, but was a Unstable build"

Exit 1

#包含 <span style= "font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" >failed or </span><span style= "font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" >aborted words for build failure </span>

Elif Grep-qe "failed| Aborted "BUILD.TMP2;

echo "Build Fail"

echo "#Open Link: ${1}${newbuild}/console See details"

RM-RF build.tmp*

Email "Build fail! $buildJob "

Exit 1



RM-RF build.tmp*



# —————————————————————————— The end of the Jenkins build function ——————————————————————————————

# —————————————————————————— start to perform the build task —————————————————————————————————

For Buildjob in ${arr[@]};




Echo $jobPage

Build $jobPage


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Automate the release of Jenkins at specified times by shell+atd scheduled tasks

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