Automatically adjusts screen brightness on Linux to protect your eyes

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when you start to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, the problem naturally begins to manifest itself. Is this healthy? How can I relieve the pressure of my eyes? Why does the light burn me? Although research to answer these questions is still ongoing, many programmers have used some of the applications to change their daily habits and make their eyes healthier. In these applications, I found two particularly interesting things: Calise and redshift.
in the development of time-break, calise means "camera light sensor". In other words, it is an open source program that calculates the best backlight level of the screen based on the light intensity received by the camera. Further, Calise can consider the weather in your area based on your geographical coordinates. I like it because it's compatible with every desktop, not even the X-series.

it comes with a command line interface and graphical interface, supports multi-user configuration, and can even export data to CSV. Once installed, you must quickly correct it before witnessing a miracle.

Not to my liking, if you're like me with a peeping delusion and a tape in front of your camera, it would be unfortunate, which would greatly affect Calise's accuracy. In addition, Calise is a great application that deserves our attention and support. As I mentioned earlier, it has undergone a patchwork of difficult stages over the past few years, so I really hope that this project will continue.

If you want to reduce the pressure of the eyes caused by the screen, then you probably heard of F.lux, which is a free proprietary software used to modify the brightness and color of the display based on the time of day. However, if you really prefer open source software, then one option is: Redshift. Inspired by F.lux,redshift You can also change the color and brightness to enhance your experience of sitting in front of the screen at night. At startup, you can use latitude and longitude to configure geographic coordinates, and then you can let it run in the tray. Redshift will adjust your color palette or screen smoothly according to the position of the sun. In the night, you can see the color temperature of the screen is adjusted to warm, which will make your eyes less guilty.

like Calise, it provides a command-line interface, as well as a graphical client. To start redshift quickly, just use the command:
$ redshift-l [Lat]:[lon]
Replace [Lat]:[lon] with your dimension and longitude.
However, it is also possible to enter your coordinates via the GPSD module. For Arch Linux users, I recommend you read this wiki page.

all in all, Linux users have no reason not to protect their eyes, calise and redshift two are great. I really hope that their development will continue and allow them to receive the support they deserve. Of course, there are more programs than these two can meet to protect the eyes and keep healthy, but I feel calise and redshift will be a good start.
if you want to dive into the Linux system novice, you can also download a German Linux software center trial.

Automatically adjusts screen brightness on Linux to protect your eyes

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