Beijing Social Security Service Platform for Android (csdn technology zone)

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The Beijing Social Security Service Platform provides the Personal Social Insurance Inquiry Service in Beijing, which is always the latest free data, including basic personal information query, Social Security Statement query over the years, four insurance payment query, password reset, password modification, notification and announcement viewing, Policy and Regulation viewing, online assistant, etc. The interface is beautiful and practical, and the network traffic is low. This software is deeply implemented to implement the scientific concept of development and is always people-oriented, with the purpose of creating secure, free, pure, high-quality, harmonious, and Ad-free public welfare and livelihood software, the social welfare of the software will be firmly controlled by the people themselves, it can also query and understand relevant national policies and regulations in real time, and does not have any backdoor programs. The source code is stored in Google cloud and has strict permission review. The release package uses advanced code obfuscation technology, fully protect your legitimate rights and interests, and reserve the right to pursue legal liability for slander, rumors, and theft of this software. If necessary, we are willing to submit all the source code to the Ministry of Information Industry for testing. We are also willing to accept the supervision and review from all valid open-source organizations in the society. If you like it, please give more comments and feedback, thank you for your support and sponsorship!

System Platform:Android2.2 android2.3 android4.0

Running requirements:Storage, mobile phone calls, system tools, network communication

Software nature:Free

Platform for installation: Machine frontend application meizu Software Center




To protect users' rights and interests and avoid the catastrophic consequences of source code proliferation, we are not open-source for the time being. If you want to learn and communicate with others, you can exchange ideas here, some source code can be presented to you as an example. You are welcome to give your feedback here!



Reprint please indicate the source

Technical Exchange Group: 173711587


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