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Increasing attention in the industryDiv + CSSFrom the standardized design to the major portal websites to countless individual websites. Under the influence of Div + CSS standardization, webpage designers have taken this requirement as the industry standard. So what is the DIV + CSS standard? What are the benefits of Div + CSS standardization design?

Division stands for division, which means "differentiation". The method of using div is the same as that of using other tags.

If you use a div without adding any CSS, the effect of the DIV on the webpage is the same as that of <p> </P>.

Div itself is of the container nature. You can not only embed table, but also embed text and other htmlCode

CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. It is translated as "Cascading Style forms" in Chinese. CSS technology is used in homepage creation, you can effectively control the layout, Font, color, background, and other effects of a page. You only need to make some simple changes to the corresponding code, you can change the appearance and format of different parts of the same page, or pages of different webpages.

Surfing the Internet, whether you use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, is almost always dealing with CSS. It is difficult to find webpages that have never used CSS on the Internet. No matter what tool or software you use to create webpages, CSS is intentionally or unintentionally used. Making good use of CSS can make your webpage more concise. For webpages with the same content, some people make dozens of KB, while the experts make only a dozen kb.

Advantages of Div + CSS:

1. Greatly reduce page code, increase page browsing speed, and reduce bandwidth costs;

2. The structure is clear and easy to search by search engines. Seo is optimized by nature.

3. Shorten the revision time. You can simply modify several CSS files to redesign a site with hundreds of pages.

4. Powerful font control and layout capabilities. CSS controls font capabilities are much better than poor font labels. With CSS, we no longer need to use font labels or transparent 1 px GIF images to control titles, change the font color, font style, and so on.

5. CSS is very easy to write. You can easily write CSS like writing HTML code.

6. improve ease of use. CSS can be used to structure html. For example, <p> labels are only used to control paragraphs, heading labels are only used to control titles, and table labels are only used to display formatted data. You can add more users without creating independent versions.

7. It can be designed and released everywhere. Your design is not only used for Web browsers, but can also be published on other devices, such as Powerpoint.

8. better control of the page layout. Needless to say.

9. The performance and content are separated. Remove the design part and place it in an independent style file. You can reduce the possibility of invalid web pages in the future.

10. It is more convenient for search engines. Replace nested tags with HTML that only contains structured content. The search engine will search for your content more effectively and may give you a higher rating (ranking ).

11. table layout is not flexible. You can only follow the table tr TD format. And Div, You Can Div ul Li, Ol Li, UL li ...... But the standard syntax is best written in an orderly manner.

12. In addition, if you are not a master of javascrput, you do not have to write the ID. You only need to use the class. When the clientProgramWhen you need to adjust the program, you can use its ID to control the program.

13. There will be a lot of spam code in the table layout. Some modified styles and layout code are mixed together, which is not intuitive. While Div can better reflect the separation of style and structure, and the restructuring of the structure is strong.

14. It can be used in almost all browsers.

15. In the past, some functions that had to be implemented through image conversion can now be easily implemented using CSS to download pages faster.

16. Make the page font more beautiful and easier to orchestrate, so that the page is truly pleasing to the eye.

17. You can easily control the page layout.

18. You can update the style formats of many web pages at the same time without updating them one page at a time. You can use a CSS file to control all the webpage styles on the site. As long as you modify the corresponding lines in the CSS file, all the pages of the whole site will change accordingly.

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