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If it is the root of a domain name such as, The cname record cannot be set, and it cannot be implemented technically. The implementation is also unstable and useless.
If it is seed domain name, you can set it. You only need the cnamerecord feature in your domain name selection function.
If you want to set a cname record for a free domain name, you can also buy professional services or commercial services, except for the suffix

Use the cname record to resolve top-level domain names to dynamic IP addresses for free
Domain Names (top-pole domain names) registered from our Domain Name Service Provider generally provide free domain name resolution. However, such domain name resolution can only export static IP addresses for domain name resolution. To resolve a domain name to a dynamic IP address, you also need to purchase the dynamic domain name resolution service. You can use the cname record to resolve the domain name to the dynamic IP address for free.

Several Concepts of a domain name a record: A (Address) record is the record corresponding to the domain name and IP address.
Domain Name alias record: the canonical name (cname, canonical name) record is the record corresponding to the domain name and the domain name alias.
Dynamic domain name resolution: the IP address corresponding to the domain name in the record is a static IP address. Resolve the domain name to a dynamic IP address, which is called dynamic domain name resolution.
Generally, Domain Name Service Providers only provide a record for free, and do not provide dynamic domain name resolution for free.

How can I resolve a top-level domain name to a dynamic IP address for free?

1. Go to the dynamic domain name resolution service provider and apply for a free second-level domain name (the second-level domain name can be resolved to the dynamic IP address ).
There are many dynamic domain name resolution service providers, such as: Peanut shells, 88ip, and Jin wanwei.
Take the peanut shell as an example. The procedure for applying for a free second-level domain name is as follows:
1) register an oray passport;
2) log on to your passport and go to Domain Name Service> domain name registration> free domain name to register a free domain name.
3) then go to my console> peanut shell service> peanut shell management to activate your registered domain name.
4) download the peanut shell client.
5) install and run the peanut shell client.
Assume that the second-level domain name you applied for in the peanut shell is

2. Add an alias (cname) record to your top-level domain name.
Assume that your top-level domain name is:
Go to your top-level domain name service provider website and add an alias record in domain name resolution management: <cname>, that is, is the alias of
After accessing the equal to the /,
But the browser still displays /.

Notes 1) the peanut shell client can be installed on any computer in your LAN (the same is true for other dynamic domain name resolution clients ).
2) a domain name can have multiple alias records, for example: alias
alias, alias, and are all aliases of myftp.xicnet.

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