Build a Perl development environment in eclipse in Windows

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EclipseIs a well-known cross-platform free integrated development environment (IDE ). Initially, it was mainly used for Java Development. At present, some people use plug-ins to develop tools in other languages such as C ++, Python, and PHP. Eclipse is only a framework platform, but the support of many plug-ins makes eclipse more flexible. Many software developers develop their own ides Based on Eclipse.
As a powerful tool, Eclipse's design philosophy is: Everything is a plug-in. The eclipse core is very small, and all other functions are attached to the eclipse core in the form of plug-ins. The basic eclipse kernels include: Graphical API (SWT/jface), Java Development Environment plug-in (jdt), and plug-in Development Environment (PDDE.

Eclipse plug-in is a lightweight software componentized architecture. On the rich client platform, eclipse uses plug-ins to provide all the additional functions, such as supporting languages other than Java. The existing separated plug-ins support C/C ++ (CDT), PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, telnet, and database development. The plug-in architecture supports adding arbitrary extensions to existing environments, such as configuration management, rather than just supporting various programming languages.

Let's talk about Perl.

1. Install Perl

To use Perl in windows, ActivePerl must be installed. Activerperl has two versions: ActivePerl and ActivePerl You can download and install one of them as needed. Web:

After installation, you can check whether Perl is successfully installed in cmd.

Ii. Install the Perl plug-in

To debug the Perl code in eclipse, You need to download a Perl component. The installation method is: start-> Program-> ActivePerl p. l. A build C. c. p-> Perl Package Manager. after you open the Perl Package Manager,

1. Click View All packages, and enter padwalker in the input box;

2. Click mark for install;

3. Click the run mark action button;

In this way, the Perl Package Manager will automatically search and download and install the padwalker component.

Iii. Configure the Perl environment on Eclipse

EPIC (eclipse Perl Integration) is an open-source Perl integrated development environment based on the eclipse platform. It supports syntax highlighting, syntax check, code prompts, perldoc support, templates, Perl debugger, and regular expression plug-ins.

To make eclipse support Perl development environment, you need to download and install epic plugins, its address:

For more information, see eclipse> help> install new software...> Add. Enter Perl in the local field at, and click Next to install Perl.

After installing the epic, you must configure the Perl compiler. Otherwise,"
Operate correctly, epic requires a Perl interpreter... ".

Open eclipse-> Windows-> preferences-> Perl
Set your own Perl environment for epic:

Note the preceding Perl
Executable "C: \ Perl \ bin \ perl.exe" is the Perl compiler.

After completing the above operations, you can compile Perl on Eclipse. eclipse-> New-> Project

Select Perl project-> next


In this way, Perl development can be performed under perldev:

OK, so far, the installation is successful ,:-).

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