Eclipse Error: Problems opening a editor Reason: [Project Name] does not exist solution


Simple description: When you use F3 to enter a method of a class in Eclipse, you are prompted with the following error: Problems opening an editor Reason: [project name] does not exist After Baidu on Google some, see the same stackoverflow on the

Eclipse XML Compilation errors referenced file contains errors-spring-beans-4.0.xsd__eclipse error

In eclipse, sometimes in an XML file, especially in a spring-related configuration file, there are compile errors that do not affect the normal operation of the program, such as: Referenced file contains errors

When you add Jdk9 to eclipse installed JREs, you are prompted with "Target is not a JDK root. System Library is not found. "

1. Enter eclipse->help->install new software-> input URL: Remove the following group item by category and then enter in the address bar to find the Eclipse SDK tick in the displayed content

Installing the spring plug-in in eclipse

my eclipse is (eclipse-jee-luna-r-win32-x86_64) (Note: This method requires full networking) 1. "Help", "Install New Software" 2. Click "Add" The following dialog box appears: ①:springsource Tool Suite ②:

Eclipse Export jar files and the difference between jar file and runnable jar filename

Now I've written a Java project and want to export the executable jar file. There are two methods, as follows. I. Runnable JAR File Click the "File" button in the upper left corner of Eclipse and select "Export". Select "Runnable JAR File" under

Eclipse Configuring and using Maven

One, ecplise configuration maven 1, download Eclipse's maven plugin. (Some versions of Eclipse have already integrated this MAVEN plugin, so you don't have to download it.)Need to download the M2eclipse plugin.2, install M2eclipse plug-in.Mode one:

Annotations, class templates for methods in eclipse

For the company to develop normalization with eclipse tools, the Java background comment template is organized:Window->Preference->Java->Code style->Code Template    Files Note Tags:/*** @Title: ${file_name}* @Package ${package_name}* @Description: $

The Eclipse project appears with a red exclamation mark

Project with red exclamation mark in front of Eclipse project.After you right-click the Eclipse Project's bulid path-->configure build Path , in the pop-up window, locate the Libraries tab, and you can see that some jar packages are red forks, This

Resolve eclipse multiple annotations found at the This line error

Reprinted from: solution Eclipse Multiple annotations found at this line Error eclipse multiple annotations found at the This line error, during Eclipse development, some XML configuration

Usage:adddimensionedimage ImageFile outputFile Eclipse Running program error

The mistake of running a Java program in Eclipse is to first confirm that your JDK,JRE is complete and that you have the same number of bits as your eclipse, and of course I believe this error should be checked by everyone.The second configuration

Schlumberger Eclipse+techlog+pipesim +petrel 2015

Schlumberger Eclipse+techlog+pipesim +petrel 2015Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2015.1 Reservoir simulation software Chinese Latest versionSchlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation V2015.1-iso 1DVD Reservoir simulation softwareEclipse covers a full range of reservoir

Installing MAVEN and configuring Maven in eclipse

Download maven version:1, enter the official website:, download the compiled MAVEN version;2, create a directory, the download of MAVEN compressed package, decompression, such as:To configure the MAVEN

Eclipse starts Tomcat error resolution

Clipse start Tomcat to report the following error message:Console:September 06, 2018 9:01:31pm Org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.SetPropertiesRule begin WARNING: [Setpropertiesrule]{server/service/engine/host/context} Setting ' source ' to '

Eclipse Configuration Associates Tomcat and runs the project

open Eclipse, click the Window menu, and select Preferences at the bottom. Click on the "Server" option and select "Runtime Environments" below. Click "Add" to add Tomcat. Click "Next" to select the Tomcat path you have

Eclipse Install SVN plugin

Several ways that eclipse installs plug-ins (Eclipse installs the SVN plugin) Here, in fact, the newer version of MAR2 better use. But because in the low-voltage version of the books, Mar2 run, often suspended animation, Kepler can be very

Eclipse Import Project Some projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace

Make a note of the cause of the error and how to resolve itCause of Error:After the first import, delete the project without checking delete project contents on disk (cannot is undone)Workaround:1 Locate the project folder that you want to import,

Eclipse Common Configuration Tips

Configuration1. Close validationPosition. "Window" – "Preferences" – "Validation" – "Disable All"2. Turn off part of the boot pluginPosition. "Window" – "Preferences" – "General" – "Startup and Shutdown"3. Code hintsContent Assist--Preferences,

Install and use AMATERASUML, Modelspoon to generate Java class diagrams under Eclipse

Tools JavaI. Installation and use of AMATERASUMLBefore installing AMATERASUML, you need to first install the GEF1. GEFInstall with Eclipse Online installation.Address of the Eclipse Online installation GEF:

Fix missing Src/main/java folder in Eclipse Maven project–2 build path entries is missing

The new project does not have a workaround for the Src/main/java and src/main/resources two source files:Step 1:create a Maven Webapp project. Right click on the package Explorer pane go to new–> Maven ProjectStep 2:select the archetype as

Project interpreter not specified (eclipse + pydev)

[Note] Recently, because I want to configure the android development environment, I deleted the original myeclipse5.5 and downloaded the latest eclipse3.7 version. Because I was developing python, I downloaded the latest pydev2.4 version, after

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