Android Studio, Eclipse import Sina Micro-blog Android SDK Third-party login Demo

1. Download the Extract SDK Download the Weibo Android SDK Pack first: Open URL: Download the SDK to the local, unpacked directory structure: Click to enter

The use of Jasperreports+ireport in eclipse

First, introduce1 It can pdf,html,xml and other forms of production reports or dynamic reports, in the new version also supports CSV,XLS,RTF and other formats of the report;2 It organizes the data according to the predefined XML document, the source

How to solve the problem of Maven relying on local warehouse eclipse error

First, the application scenario In order to use MAVEN's powerful package dependency management and project management capabilities, MAVEN2 is used as a project building tool in the project. However, my project is built in the intranet, and in order

Servlet-api.jar has no source attachment problem with Tomcat authoring web in Eclipse

Servlet-api.jar has no source attachment problem with Tomcat authoring web in Eclipse Operation and Maintenance Network) These days, I want to finish the mail server

Eclipse Creating Web with maven Error: Could not resolve archetype ORG.APACHE.MAVEN.ARCHETYPES:MAVEN-ARCHETYPE-WEBAP

Problem Description: Create a Web project using the Eclipse's own maven plugin error: Could not resolve archetype org.apache.maven.archetypes:maven-archetype-webapp:release from any of the configured Repositories.Could not resolve artifact

Eclipse uses the Codemix plugin to develop vue.js

comparison Vscode, Codemix integration in the Eclipse plug-in, in line with the use of custom 1. Download and install node. js Official address:, the current version is Node-v8.11.4-x64.msi, the installation process is directly the

Eclipse newspaper "The Builder launch configuration could not being found" error

Eclipse Newspaper "The Builder launch configuration could not being found" error solutionTags: eclipseeclipse error The Builder launch Claunch configuration solution2014-05-20 09:47 29816 People read Comments (5) favorite reports

Eclipse implements code block folding-similar to #region in vs ... #endregion

Background Just when writing code, wrote more than 10 lines can be said to be repeated code:  If the whole method or class of code more, feel that they are too TM occupy the place, to the reader in reading code caused great difficulties, so

Eclipse suddenly has been loading descriptor for XXX (XXX is the project name)

Problem:  After Eclipse starts, nothing is done, it has been loading descriptor for XXX (XXX is the project name), and nothing else can be manipulated.  As shown, saving the file cannot be saved. What about this?Workaround:A button on the right of

Eclipse CDT "Symbol NULL could not being resolved"

In Ubuntu, the Eclipse-C + + + version, when cross-compiling the program, always prompt the symbol NULL could not is resolved, Symbol size_t could not be resolvedThere's a statement on the head of the file that adds a defense#ifndef NULL #define

Cloudsim installation, configuration (to eclipse)

It's basically a success. Therefore, this process will be as detailed and accurate as possible for everyone's needs. First, the installation and configuration of Jdk,eclipse. I downloaded the JDK version is 1.8,JDK related configuration online There

Selenium Automated test environment Construction ECLIPSE+SELENIUM+JUNIT+TESTNG

1. Installing the JDKJDK1.7Download path: ' Next ', OK. Configure environment variables when installation is complete:Java_home = E:\Java\Java\jdk1.7.0_15PATH =%

Add Modelgoon plugin Eclipse auto-Generate UML diagram

Download Modelgoonjar Package downloading the jar, copy it directly to the Dropins directory under the Eclipse installation directory and restart EclipseHow to useAfter successful installation,

Eclipse error: Error:program "sh" not found in PATH

SDK and ADT are version 22.6.2Works for 4.4.2When compiling a launcher, the error is as follows:SH ndk-build CleanCannot run Program "SH": Launching failedError:program "sh" not found in PATHPath= ...Looked at the Internet, has always thought that

Mac OS X "To open Eclipse, you need a Java SE 6 runtime"

On Mac OS X, Java 7 is installed and Java 6 o'clock is not installed, and Java-dependent software such as eclipse may be encountered:To open "Eclipse," you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would to install one now?Such error hints, after finding and

Use Maven to create Scala and Java Project Code environments (Intellij idea (Ultimate version), Intellij idea (community version), and Scala idea for Eclipse applies) (recommended by bloggers)

Why do you write this blog?First of all, for the Spark project, it is highly recommended to build, with IntelliJ idea (Ultimate version), if you have another hobby to try Scala ideas for Eclipse, have time to play for yourself. But it's best to

WIN7 system Java EE (java+tomcat7+eclipse) environment configuration

Https:// system Java EE (java+tomcat7+eclipse) Environment Configuration 1win7 system Java EE (java+tomcat7+eclipse) environment configuration 2win7 system Java EE (java+tomcat7+eclipse)

FIX: Missing artifact issue occurs with Eclipse or STS running MAVEN project

Missing artifact issue with Eclipse or STS running MAVEN projectIn recent projects, the big data platform was used, the Hbase-client.0.98.6-hadoop2.jar package was applied in the code, and was referenced in

Configure the svn server and client in windows, and configure and use the svn plug-in of Vs and eclipse.

The company needs to configure the svn server in the past two days, but I used checkin checkout before. I have little knowledge about SVN itself. I just took this opportunity to take a look at it. The content is very simple, so don't laugh. #{ // V0.

Use eclipse to display the Crystal Report on JSP (1) simplest example

  The development ide I use is eclipse3.2, and the server is Tomcat 5.5. Create a Crystal Reports Web project Select Apache Tomcat v5.5 at target Runtime In the next step, Crystal Reports Java reporting component, dynamic web module, and Java are

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