Build cocos2d-x development environment in Eclipse under Win7

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1. Eclipse download . Go to eclipse Standard 4.4, download page:

2. ADT Plugin Download :

3. Android SDK Download : (can also be bundled, Eclipse, ADT, SDK all with)

4. I downloaded the SDK is a simple. exe file, run the installation first, select the installation path D:\Android, after the installation of the following conditions:

5. open eclipse, download good eclipse decompression, directly run the inside of the Eclipse.exe can, the first boot will require the setting workspace (choose a new folder, to save future project files, projects)

6. Configure ADT, after opening eclipse, click Help,

                                                               install New SoftWare ...

Add ... (Button). The phenomenon is as follows:

in name, enter it arbitrarily, such as "ADT" and select Archive. button to find the ZIP package for the ADT just downloaded and add it. Select Developmer Tools, choose Next installation, restart Eclipse after installation is complete

7. The SDK is fully installed, and after you restart Eclipse, an error occurs because the SDK is not fully installed. At this point, choose Windows--- Android SDK Manager, the following window appears:

tick the things you need, the landlord chose Android L, Android 4.4 and 4.3, where the default has been selected Android SDK Platform-tools and Android SDK Build-tools so no tube, if not selected, then To pick up.

Then click Install Packages installation (this process please wait patiently, the download time may be very long).

You may encounter a situation where some tools cannot be installed, see the workaround for

At this point, the Android development environment is basically complete, you can run the Android project

To configure Cocos2d-x, look down.

8. Configure NDK, download NDK package,, unzip to the appropriate location, mine is D:\Android

9. Download Cocos2d-x package,, download, unzip to D:\Android\ directory, Of course you can also unzip yourself to another directory.

10. Open Eclipse->file-> Import, click Android, select Existing android Code into WorkSpace

Click Browse, select the Cocos2d-x folder you just unzipped, select Cocos2d-x-2.2.2\cocos2dx\platform\android\java, click Finish

11. Import example, same as 10, but this time the import is D:\Android\cocos2d-x-3.2\cocos2d-x-3.2\tests\cpp-tests

Please do not tick copy project, and do not copy items into eclipse, there may be problems.

If the project is wrong, you may not find the corresponding library file, please right-click on the project, the bottom of the "Android" in the bottom right click on the "Add" pop-up box,

Select the above imported library file libcocos2dx, click OK

12. Configure Buider, right click on the project just imported, select Properties, select Buider, configure as follows:

Then click on new program, click on the browse file system under location and choose the installation path of NDK D:\Android\android-ndk32-r10-windows-x86_64\android -ndk-r10\ndk-build.cmd

Click Browse Workspace under working directory to select the imported project

then click OK.

Build cocos2d-x development environment in Eclipse under Win7

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