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It was a long time ago from someone else to know notepad++, then only knew he was a good text editor and reader,
Much better than the text under Windows. Especially when reading the code is more obvious, text does not support automatic line-wrapping makes the person look very uncomfortable
Today again open notepad++, found its function far more than these, I underestimated it, combined with online fragmented resources, I built a development environment,
To support the compile and run of C + + programs, specifically to you:

Notepad + + can call an external program to compile its own code:
First of all, to have a C + + compiler, here I choose GCC, where gcc can be obtained by installing the Dev-cpp IDE.

1. Download dev-c++
Link:: Http://
2. Download notepad++
Google or Baidu notepad++, download the latest version, installation is very convenient.
3. Add plug-ins nppexec and function List to notepad++
(1) Open notepad++, Plugin Manager, Show Plugin Manager--Available
Select the plug-in nppexec you want to install and click Install.

(2) The Function list plugin is not found in my notepad++ version, but can be downloaded via the following link:
4. Copy the DLL file of the plugin into the plugins directory of the notepad++ installation directory;
Copy the configuration file to the Plugins\config directory;
A better practice is to copy all document files to the Plugins\doc directory, or to its subdirectories.
5. To run the notpad++, click on the "Run-run" menu and a popup box appears.
Save the following commands separately, and then give a name and shortcut key:
C + + Compiler:
First create a new folder on the D disk named "Code1".

Enter f9:cmd/k g++-g-w-wall-o "d:/code1/$ (name_part). exe" to save the name compile.
Enter "$ (full_current_path)" & "d:/code1/$ (name_part). exe" $ (full_current_path) & Exit to save the name run.

Press F9 to compile and run. or click "Run" and select compile or run from the drop-down menu to compile and run the operation.

6. Well, it's almost there. Next teach you to change the background color, in fact, very simple:
Open notepad++---Settings, language format settings, and adjust your favorite foreground background match.

Now that your notepad++ is not looking like a simple text editor, he has the ability to integrate the development environment, is not very flashy. In fact, he also supports a lot of languages, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
But let us learn is, on the road of learning, whether for a discipline or a tool, should be quiet, slowly groping, always find surprises you, of course, the process of exploration is a distillation of their own process.

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