C # Dynamically generated class enumeration, etc.

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private void Generatecode () {

/* Note that the following namespaces are imported first

Using System.CodeDom

Using System.CodeDom.Compiler;

Using Microsoft.csharp;

Using System.Reflection;


Preparing a code compiler unit

CodeCompileUnit unit = new CodeCompileUnit ();

Prepare the necessary namespaces (this refers to the space of the classes to be generated)

CodeNamespace samplenamespace=new CodeNamespace ("xizhang.com");

Import the required namespaces

SAMPLENAMESPACE.IMPORTS.ADD (New CodeNamespaceImport ("System"));

Prepare the definition of the class to be generated

CodeTypeDeclaration customerclass = new CodeTypeDeclaration ("Customer");

Specifies that this is a class

Customerclass.isclass = true;

Customerclass.typeattributes = Typeattributes.public | typeattributes.sealed;

Put this class under this namespace


Add the namespace to the collection of namespaces in the compiler unit

Unit. Namespaces.add (Samplenamespace);

This is the output file

String outputFile = "Customer.cs";

Add Field

Codememberfield field = new Codememberfield (typeof (System.String), "_id");

Field. Attributes = memberattributes.private;


Add Property

Codememberproperty property = new Codememberproperty ();

Property. Attributes = Memberattributes.public | memberattributes.final;

Property. Name = "Id";

Property. Hasget = true;

Property. Hasset = true;

Property. Type = new CodeTypeReference (typeof (System.String));

PROPERTY.COMMENTS.ADD ("This is the id attribute") (new codecommentstatement);

Property. Getstatements.add (New Codemethodreturnstatement (New Codefieldreferenceexpression) (New Codethisreferenceexpression ( ), "_id"));

Property. Setstatements.add (New codeassignstatement new Codefieldreferenceexpression (New Codethisreferenceexpression (), "_Id "), new Codepropertysetvaluereferenceexpression ()));

Customerclass.Members.Add (property);

Add a method (using CodeMemberMethod)--Here

Add a constructor (using CodeConstructor)--Here's a little

Add Program entry point (using CodeEntryPointMethod)--Here

Add event (using Codememberevent)--Here's a little

Adding features (using codeattributedeclaration)

CUSTOMERCLASS.CUSTOMATTRIBUTES.ADD (New CodeAttributeDeclaration (New CodeTypeReference (typeof) ( SerializableAttribute)));

/* Generate enumeration, enum attribute description

Build attribute
CUSTOMERCLASS.CUSTOMATTRIBUTES.ADD (New CodeAttributeDeclaration (New CodeTypeReference (typeof) ( DescriptionAttribute)), New CodeAttributeArgument (New CodePrimitiveExpression (listitem.description)));
Specifies that this is an enum
Customerclass.isenum = true;
Customerclass.typeattributes = Typeattributes.public;
Add Field
Codememberfield field = new Codememberfield (typeof (Enum), "enumeration entry 1" + "=" + 1);
Field. Attributes = Memberattributes.public;
Build attribute
Field. Customattributes.add (New CodeAttributeDeclaration (New CodeTypeReference (typeof (DescriptionAttribute)), new CodeAttributeArgument (New CodePrimitiveExpression ("Enumeration description Information")));


Generate code

CodeDomProvider Provider = Codedomprovider.createprovider ("CSharp");

CodeGeneratorOptions options = new CodeGeneratorOptions ();

Options. Bracingstyle = "C";

Options. Blanklinesbetweenmembers = true;

using (System.IO.StreamWriter SW = new System.IO.StreamWriter (outputFile)) {

Provider. Generatecodefromcompileunit (unit, SW, options);



The result of the final generation is

Note: This digest has been changed since http://www.cnblogs.com/chenxizhang/archive/2008/07/09/1238572.html

C # Dynamically generated class enumeration, etc.

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