C # inssider Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner source code

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A complete source code of the wireless signal scanning tool, including drawing from hotspot scanning to intensity and signal transformation curves. The source code is based on managed wifi to implement basic functions. Managed WiFi is also an open-source project, which can be found on this site.

Specify the NIC signal scan. You can select the local wireless Nic and then scan all the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.

Obtain the hotspot details, including the hotspot name, signal strength, channel occupation, encryption method, maximum wireless transmission rate, and MAC address.

Time graph is a dynamic graph of the Wi-Fi signal strength in each time period. This is still very powerful.

The dynamic diagram of the channel usage in the 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies. This is a professional knowledge. It is equivalent to a single band. If the number of hotspots in the channel is small, therefore, the signal of this hotspot is relatively less likely to be disturbed, that is, it is relatively stable. We recommend that you use this function.

Supports null scanning, which can obtain a large number of wireless hotspots with weak signals.

It also supports filtering and Wireless WiFi positioning, but cannot be tested because there is no GPS module.

The entire source code module is complete, including custom controls, WiFi classes, and log records.

The source code project has a high technical level. It is not only about wireless hotspot scanning and information acquisition, but also about drawing dynamic signal curves. It is always a rare source code for a hundred years!

Source code download: http://www.hellocsharp.com/code/120.aspx

C # inssider Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner source code

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