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1 years ago, I was in the article: these. NET open source project you know? NET platform open source document and report Processing component (9th), we recommend an open source free PDF Read-write component Pdfsharp,pdfsharp I have seen it 2 years ago, using simple examples, but the code is not written in a specific article. Recently, when looking for information, I found a small C # component that wrote PDF files: PDF file writer. The open source component is in CodeProject, not yet hosted elsewhere, so it took some time to get to know it and share it with everyone.

. NET Open Source directory: "Directory" of this blog other. NET open source project articles Directory

This text address: http://www.cnblogs.com/asxinyu/p/dotnet_Opensource_project_PdfFileWriter.html

Back to directory 1. PDF File writer Basic Introduction 1.1 supported common functions

The PDF file Writer component can create pdf-formatted files directly in. NET Applications. The lowest development environment is. NET 4.0 + VS 2013. Let's take a look at some of the features of the PDF that the component supports:

Graphics: Supports drawing lines, rectangles, polygons, Bezier curves, foreground and background colors, patterns, and shadows.

Image: Supports bitmap images and vector images

Text: Supports line text and column text

Barcode: Support Barcode: Barcode, Barcode, Barcode interleaved 2 of 5 etc.

QR Code: Support two-dimensional barcode

Encryption: Supports AES-128 encryption algorithm

Web Links: Support Web hyperlinks

Bookmarks: Supporting document outlines

Chart: Support Microsoft chart, support data table, support sound, video playback;

1.2 Steps to create a PDF using PDF File writer

The main steps to create a PDF file in a program using PDF document writer are as follows:

Step 1: Create a Pdfdocument file object

Step 2: Create resource objects such as text (Pdffont), images (pdfimage), etc.

Step 3: Create a File Page object Pdfpage

Step 4: Create a Content Object pdfcontents

Step 5: Add text to content objects, or images, etc.

Repeat 3, 4, 5 create additional pages

Step 6: Create a PDF using the CreateFile method of the Pdfdocument object

PDF file effect preview created by 1.3 PDF document Writer

It's a good idea to look at the PDF created with PDF File writer. This is one of the most important reasons why I occasionally come across very shocked and shared.

Back to Table of Contents 2. A simple use case

We can get started quickly and take a look at the basic code, according to the official examples.

2.1 Create a Base object first
private PdfFont            ArialNormal;
private PdfFont            ArialBold;
private PdfFont            ArialItalic;
private PdfFont            ArialBoldItalic;
private PdfFont            TimesNormal;
private PdfFont            Comic;
private PdfTilingPattern WaterMark;
private PdfDocument        Document;
private PdfPage            Page;
private PdfContents        Contents;

Then create a blank document

// Step 1: Create an empty document, the document parameters have types, you can use enumeration to select, and the file name returned
Document = new PdfDocument (PaperType.Letter, false, UnitOfMeasure.Inch, FileName);
// Cryptographic test example
//Document.SetEncryption(null, null, Permission.All & ~ Permission.Print, EncryptionType.Aes128);
// Create PDF file information directory
PdfInfo Info = PdfInfo.CreatePdfInfo (Document);
Info.Title ("Article Example");
Info.Author ("Uzi Granot Granotech Limited");
Info.Keywords ("PDF, .NET, C #, Library, Document Creator");
Info.Subject ("PDF File Writer C # Class Library (Version 1.14.1)");
2.2 Creating resources such as fonts
// Define different font types, as shown below
String FontName1 = "Arial";
String FontName2 = "Times New Roman";
ArialNormal = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, FontName1, FontStyle.Regular, true);
ArialBold = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, FontName1, FontStyle.Bold, true);
ArialItalic = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, FontName1, FontStyle.Italic, true);
ArialBoldItalic = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, FontName1, FontStyle.Bold | FontStyle.Italic, true);
TimesNormal = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, FontName2, FontStyle.Regular, true);
Comic = PdfFont.CreatePdfFont (Document, "Comic Sans MS", FontStyle.Bold, true);
2.3 Create text example
2.3 Creating a text sample
Contents.DrawText (Comic, 40.0, 4.25, 9.25, TextJustify.Center, 0.02, Color.FromArgb (128, 0, 255), Color.FromArgb (255, 0, 128), "PDF FILE WRITER");
Contents.SaveGraphicsState ();
Contents.SetColorNonStroking (Color.Purple);
Contents.DrawText (Comic, 30.0, 4.25, 8.75, TextJustify.Center, "Example");
Contents.RestoreGraphicsState ();
// Step 3: Add a new page
Page = new PdfPage (Document);
// Step 4: Add content to the page
Contents = new PdfContents (Page);
2.4 Drawing Barcodes
Contents.SaveGraphicsState ();
BarcodeEAN13 Barcode1 = new BarcodeEAN13 ("1234567890128");
Contents.DrawBarcode (1.3, 7.05, 0.012, 0.75, Barcode1, ArialNormal, 8.0);
PdfQRCode QRCode = new PdfQRCode (Document, "http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/570682/PDF-File-Writer-Csharp-Class-Library-Version", ErrorCorrection.M);
Contents.DrawQRCode (QRCode, 6.0, 6.8, 1.2);
// Add a link
Page.AddWebLink (6.0, 6.8, 7.2, 8.0, "http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/570682/PDF-File-Writer-Csharp-Class-Library-Version");
Contents.RestoreGraphicsState ();
2.5 Drawing a chart
Contents.SaveGraphicsState ();
// Create MS Chart chart
Chart PieChart = PdfChart.CreateChart (Document, 1.8, 1.5, 300.0);
PdfImageControl ImageControl = new PdfImageControl ();
ImageControl.SaveAs = SaveImageAs.IndexedImage;
PdfChart PiePdfChart = new PdfChart (Document, PieChart, ImageControl);
PieChart.AntiAliasing = AntiAliasingStyles.None;
// Set the color
PieChart.BackColor = Color.FromArgb (220, 220, 255);
PieChart.Palette = ChartColorPalette.BrightPastel;
// default font
Font DefaultFont = PiePdfChart.CreateFont ("Verdana", FontStyle.Regular, 0.05, FontSizeUnit.UserUnit);
Font TitleFont = PiePdfChart.CreateFont ("Verdana", FontStyle.Bold, 0.07, FontSizeUnit.UserUnit);
// set the title
Title Title1 = new Title ("Pie Chart Example", Docking.Top, TitleFont, Color.Purple);
PieChart.Titles.Add (Title1);
Legend Legend1 = new Legend ();
PieChart.Legends.Add (Legend1);
Legend1.BackColor = Color.FromArgb (230, 230, 255);
Legend1.Docking = Docking.Bottom;
Legend1.Font = DefaultFont;
// chart area
ChartArea ChartArea1 = new ChartArea ();
PieChart.ChartAreas.Add (ChartArea1);
ChartArea1.BackColor = Color.FromArgb (255, 200, 255);
Series Series1 = new Series ();
PieChart.Series.Add (Series1);
Series1.ChartType = SeriesChartType.Pie;
Series1.Font = DefaultFont;
Series1.IsValueShownAsLabel = true;
Series1.LabelFormat = "{0}%";
Series1.Points.Add (22.0);
Series1.Points [0] .LegendText = "Apple";
Series1.Points.Add (27.0);
Series1.Points [1] .LegendText = "Banana";
Series1.Points.Add (33.0);
Series1.Points [2] .LegendText = "Orange";
Series1.Points.Add (18.0);
Series1.Points [3] .LegendText = "Grape";
Contents.DrawChart (PiePdfChart, 5.6, 5.0);
// save
Contents.RestoreGraphicsState ();
2.6 Generate PDF
// Step 6: Create PDF
Document.CreateFile ();
// Open PDF file
Process Proc = new Process ();
Proc.StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo (FileName);
Proc.Start ();
Back to catalog 3. Resources

1.Codeproject Article connection: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/570682/PDF-File-Writer-Csharp-Class-Library-Version

2.PDF File Writer dll Download: pdffilewriter_dll.zip

3.PDF file Writer Help document: Pdffilewriterchm.rar

4.PDF File Writer source code and Demo:pdffilewriter-code.rar

Note: The relevant material in the source code is streamlined, otherwise the file is larger and the long passing is larger. If there is a need to go to the article link to download the original, or leave a separate mailbox, I have the time to send.

C # write PDF file class library PDF document Writer introduction

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