C Language Development in Linux (GDB debugging)

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Debugging is indispensable in coding. In Windows, we have visual Studio Tools. In Linux, you have no choice except for the gdb tool. So how can I use GDB for debugging? We can try it step by step.

#include <stdio.h>int iterate(int value){    if(1 == value)        return 1;    return iterate(value - 1) + value;}int main(){    printf("%d\n", iterate(10));    return 1;}

Now that debugging is required, the generated executable file must contain debugging information. What should I do here? Enter GCC test. C-g-o test. After the command is entered, if there is no compilation or link error, you can see the executable file test.

The debugging procedure is as follows,

(01) First, enter GDB Test
(02) after entering the debugging interface of GDB, enter list to view the source file test. C.
(03) set the breakpoint and enter B Main
(04) start the test program and enter run
(05) The Program sets a breakpoint at the beginning of main, so the program is disconnected at printf.
(06) at this time, you can track in one step. S can enter the function in one step, while N in one step is beyond the function.
(07) If you want to continue running the program from the breakpoint, enter C
(08) If you want to run the program until the function ends, enter finish
(09) view the breakpoint information and enter info break
(10) If you want to view the stack information, enter BT
(11) to view the memory, enter the X/64 XH + Memory Address
(12) to delete a breakpoint, enter the delete break + breakpoint sequence number.
(13) to view the value of the local variable of the function, enter print + variable name.

(14) to modify the memory value, directly enter print + * address = Value
(15) to print the value of a variable in real time, enter the display + variable name.
(16) view the assembly code of the function and enter the disassemble + function name.
(17) Exit debugging and enter quit.

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