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1.4 [Blockchain] consensus algorithm contention (pbft,raft,pow,pos,dpos,ripple)

Several common consensus mechanisms (pbft,raft,pow,pos,dpos,ripple) in blockchain have been summarized in recent days. Try to use simple and understandable language, the space is large, want to understand can read each algorithm introduced in front

The relationship between any quadrilateral area and the associated Triangle Area in C Language

Theorem: For any quadrilateral ABCD, the midpoint of the diagonal line AC and BD is M, N, AB, and CD. verify that the area of the triangle RMN is 1/4 of the area of the Quadrilateral ABCD. Next we will use the C language to verify the correctness of

Basic C language examination questions

Basic C language examination questions // // Main. m // C Language Test Library // // Created by MRBean on 15/5/20. // Copyright (c) 2015 MRBean. All rights reserved. //   # Import   /** 5, 12 questions * Determine whether a number is a prime

The basic learning course of function in C language programming _c language

The functions in C language are equivalent to subroutines or functions in Fortran language, and are equivalent to processes or functions in Pascal language. Functions provide an easy way to compute the encapsulation, and you do not need to consider

Countryside Literacy C language Chapter 0

Recently, looking at some of the books related to Windows, I cannot help feeling that many of the difficulties experienced in the previous learning process are essentially a lack of basic knowledge, and there are few discussions and explanations on

[C language exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 5: computing that point, journey Part 1

[C language exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 5: computing that point, journey Part 1 Introduction 1. Course outline 2. Lesson 5: Computing 3. Lesson 6: conditional expressions Course outline Our courses are divided into four parts. Each part

Analysis C language A simple program _c language

First give you a simple example, let the reader have a holistic understanding, the code is as follows: #include int main () { puts ("cloud-dwelling community"); return 0; } The concept of a function First look at the 4th line of

Recursion in C language

IdeasIt describes the thinking process from problem to problem variation:OverviewIn this paper, the recursive analysis is carried out with the conversion of the numeral. It is mainly to analyze recursive process from multi-angle and discuss

OpenGL ES Shader language statements and structures (Official document sixth) built-in variables (Official document, chapter seventh to eighth)

Statements and structs for OpenGL es Shader language (Official document sixth chapter)The program block for the OpenGL es Shader language is basically composed of the following:Statements and declarationsfunction definitionSelect (If-else)Iterations

Standard library functions most commonly used in C language

Standard header files include: I. Standard definition ()The file contains some common definitions of the standard library, which are included automatically, regardless of which standard header file we include in the,.This file defines:L

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