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CentOS5.0 source code compilation LVS-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. LVS may be used in the next version of Easy-CDN, so LVS has been badly supplemented these days. If it is okay today, compile LVS!

Download the source package first.
Wget http://www.linuxvirtualserver.or... ipvsadm-1.24.tar.gz
Tar-zxvf ipvsadm-1.24.tar.gz
Cd ipvsadm-1.24
Error: centos does not have any kernel file. You cannot download it online. Check the version number.

[Root @ localhost ~] # Uname-
Linux localhost. localdomain 2.6.18-8. el5 #1 SMP Thu Mar 15 19:57:35 EDT 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/... ux-
Bzip2-dc linux- | tar xvf-
Music Video linux- // usr/src/
Ln-s linux-

After that, go
[Root @ localhost ipvsadm-1.24] # make
Make-C libipvs
Make [1]: Entering directory '/root/ipvsadm-1.24/lib1_s'
Gcc-Wall-Wunused-Wstrict-prototypes-g-O2-I/usr/src/linux/include-DHAVE_NET_IP_VS_H-c-o libipvs. o libipvs. c
Ar rv libipvs. a libipvs. o
Ar: creating libipvs.
A-libipvs. o
Make [1]: Leaving directory '/root/ipvsadm-1.24/lib1_s'
Gcc-Wall-Wunused-Wstrict-prototypes-g-O2-I/usr/src/linux/include-I .. -I. -DVERSION = \ "1.24 \"-DSCHEDULERS = \ "" rr | wrr | lc | wlc | lblc | lblcr | dh | sh | sed | nq "\"-DHAVE_POPT-DHAVE_NET_IP_VS_H -c-o ipvsadm. o ipvsadm. c
Gcc-Wall-Wunused-Wstrict-prototypes-g-O2-I/usr/src/linux/include-I .. -I. -DVERSION = \ "1.24 \"-DSCHEDULERS = \ "" rr | wrr | lc | wlc | lblc | lblcr | dh | sh | sed | nq "\"-DHAVE_POPT-DHAVE_NET_IP_VS_H -c-o config_stream.o config_stream.c
Gcc-Wall-Wunused-Wstrict-prototypes-g-O2-I/usr/src/linux/include-I .. -I. -DVERSION = \ "1.24 \"-DSCHEDULERS = \ "" rr | wrr | lc | wlc | lblc | lblcr | dh | sh | sed | nq "\"-DHAVE_POPT-DHAVE_NET_IP_VS_H -c-o dynamic_array.o dynamic_array.c
Gcc-Wall-Wunused-Wstrict-prototypes-g-O2-o ipvsadm. o config_stream.o dynamic_array.o libipvs/libipvs. a-L/usr/lib-lpopt

Yes, continue to install
[Root @ localhost ipvsadm-1.24] # make install
Make-C libipvs
Make [1]: Entering directory '/root/ipvsadm-1.24/lib1_s'
Make [1]: Nothing to be done for 'all '.
Make [1]: Leaving directory '/root/ipvsadm-1.24/lib1_s'
If [! -D/sbin]; then mkdir-p/sbin; fi
Install-m 0755-s ipvsadm/sbin
Install-m 0755 ipvsadm-save/sbin
Install-m 0755 ipvsadm-restore/sbin
[-D/usr/man/man8] | mkdir-p/usr/man/man8
Install-m 0644 running sadm.8/usr/man/man8
Install-m 0644 ipvsadm-save.8/usr/man/man8
Install-m 0644 ipvsadm-restore.8/usr/man/man8
If [-d/etc/rc. d/init. d]; then \
Install-m 0755 ipvsadm. sh/etc/rc. d/init. d/ipvsadm ;\

Finished. Check and pass. Complete.
[Root @ localhost ipvsadm-1.24] # ipvsadm
IP Virtual Server version 1.2.1 (size = 4096)
Prot LocalAddress: Port sched1_flags
-> RemoteAddress: Port Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
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