Change the computer reload system are not afraid, Jinshan fast disk a key to restore IE favorites

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Reload System I am afraid is a lot of people's heart, because once the system installed before the installation of the software need to reinstall does not say that the browser favorites collection of the site will be lost, these commonly used sites have to find one by one, it is quite troublesome.

Especially for users with IE browser, because the Internet Explorer itself does not have the function of automatic backup, if there is a software to help IE users a key to restore the favorites will do? The efficiency of the increase does not say, but also worry and effort.

In fact, Jinshan fast disk has achieved this "one key to restore IE favorites" function, the following details on how to use this function.

First step: Turn on the "Back up my IE browser" button

First log in the fast disk, in the cloud Bridge version of the Third tab on the right side will find a "back up my IE Favorites" button, click on Open, the fast disk will automatically your IE favorites back to the server.

This time to look at the quick disk, you will find that it automatically generated a folder called "My Application", here is the folder where IE favorites related content.

(Figure 1)

Figure 2 is the current author office computer on IE favorites, Next i will show you how to use the magic of IE favorites in the Web site "move" home in the computer.

(Figure 2)

The second step: easy to the IE favorites "move"

After doing these things on the office computer, I went back home to open My computer and landed on the Jinshan Express, and also chose to turn on the "Back up my IE favorites" button.

Then wait for the fast disk to sync automatically, in this period, users can use "selective synchronization", can save synchronization time, which should be noted that "my Application" folder must be ticked, otherwise, but can not be the server on IE favorites in the contents of the computer in sync home in the OH (Figure 3).

(Figure 3)

After the synchronization is complete, we look at the home of IE browser favorites, see, the Office of IE favorites in the contents of the successful handling over!

A key backup IE favorites This function is very practical?! It is reported that Jinshan quick disk has now been fully upgraded to the Cloud Bridge version, users can go to the official website or download the station download experience, and then encounter the reload system, changing the computer problem, we can not bother to collect the useful Web site, Jinshan Quick disk can make your work life more and more simple.

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