Client games are not easy! Expose the status quo of client games 2015 as peer group likes, 2015 as it is

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Client games are not easy! Expose the status quo of client games 2015 as peer group likes, 2015 as it is

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Since the second half of 2014, I believe that the circle of friends of various peers has always been such news. How much the mobile game goes and how much the channel contributes. This kind of message is refreshing my eyes and ears all the time. As I have been working for a long time, I have been doing client games for a long time. I have an impulse to give up the client game market and rely on mobile games. Because of this impulse, I once searched for news on the market, and there are still two kinds of sayings. The first is the increasingly popular "end game last day theory", and the second rule is the "End Game not dead theory" offered by major end game companies to counter the first statement. The second argument is actually the first argument in the debate. Why is there the first argument? I think this is because it is difficult for client games! Difficult to go to Qingtian! First of all, the R & D cost of client games is high. Although the client game business is getting harder and harder to do, the cost of client game developers continues to grow rapidly every year because the client game company does not pull up its salary, there is no way to retain talent. The recent popularity in the mobile game market has made it difficult for a large number of experienced game practitioners to start their own businesses! Over the past few years, I have gone from multi-player to grand game. From grand game To Netease, my salary has been doubled. I am just a marketing engineer, not to mention the Director level and R & D personnel! In addition, a mobile game R & D team can be pulled up by more than a dozen people, and a mobile game product can be made in less than a few months or half a year, the R & D team of client games usually needs dozens to hundreds of people, not to mention that it is difficult to make a high-quality client game without two or three years of experience. Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes. manpower and time are a threshold that cannot be crossed, so the R & D cost of client games is high! Tens of millions. Do not make client games! Second, the promotion cost of client games is not low. After years of in-depth mining, no matter which website you are on, you will find that game advertisements are everywhere. After years of fatigue bombing, the gamer base's resistance to game advertisements has been greatly improved, which is why the taste of Game Advertisements is getting heavier and heavier, and why our marketing staff are getting no more exercise. I personally experienced the user costs soar from a few dollars to dozens of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars, which directly caused the client game company to fall to the bottom of the industry chain. After so many years of attempts by major client game companies, the new promotion model or new channel has basically gone all the way, taking the path of future generations, this leaves future generations with no way to go. Now, even if you want to spend 0.1 billion yuan on terminal game promotion, you don't know where to hit the money!
Third, gaming players shift from depth to light. At this moment, it is difficult for us to hold a long-term passion for single characters, things, and games. How long has Andy Lau been there? We still remember him. Do you know about Jin xiuxian's current situation? I personally have not followed his message recently. The same is true for games. Who will learn the background, architecture, and world view of the game like playing World of Warcraft? We are not very concerned about the deep content of new games, and we will not focus on a product for a long time. Without knowing it, we have changed from deep users to mild users. Which of the following companies is willing to do this? Fourth, convenient devices affect the carrier of client games. Do you need to turn on your computer after you go home from work for the same number of years? Of course, this is not the case if I need to continue working at home after work. I talked about this topic last year with one of Netease's predecessors, both teachers and friends. From 10 years after work, I went home and started my computer to read novels, watch videos, and play games. Now I have been home, so I am too lazy to start my computer, people are slowly changing their habits as they repeat the same thing with the ipad. Speaking of this, I can't help modifying ancient poetry. "It's just like a night of spring breeze, smart devices are everywhere !" Let me take what you love, my client game? (Love is only a verb.) 5. Fragment time cannot be used for a client tour by bus or subway, when you go to the toilet, when you are waiting for food, or half an hour before bedtime, it is also a short period of time to apply the fragmentation time on a daily basis. But can this time be used by client games? The client game is still at a disadvantage in carrying the device, causing the fragmentation time to miss him .......
In addition to the above reasons, there are also many other factors that have led to a decline in the profitability of client game companies. The blue ocean industry in the past has now become the Red Ocean. In 2014, many client game manufacturers switched to mobile games and broke away from the Red Ocean. However, in the new year, in 2015, many companies continued to fight hard in the Red Ocean, the entertainment marketing of the green bank network "the day of the ban" does not delete file nodes. companies such as Netease, century Tiancheng, and electronic soul are still sticking to their own client game ideals. It is not easy for colleagues who can stick to this client game field to give them a thumbs up or share this article. In fact, mobile games practitioners are not easy, and everyone knows it, but a Fujian person forced me to write this article about client games. After that, sometimes I complain to my friends who work in mobile games.


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