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For rookie-level users, the most afraid of is the product problem, what small problems require people, it is extremely depressed. But many times the fault is oneself can solve, the following 52 hardware forum Netizen collects and collates several common trouble-solving methods, to treat the user. Perhaps after reading you will find yourself become a speaker master.

1. Sound can be played normally, but the noise of "chip-BA-PA" will come out from now on.

Customers reflect that the computer use headphones when there is no other noise, only the use of speakers will be the occasional "beep" noise, sometimes a long time, sometimes shorter time, and then normal. At the beginning also suspected that the audio signal plug contact is not good, but also reseated, changed the line or did not solve the problem. But the client took the speaker to the company after a continuous trial for two days, but has not found the problem. The difference between the before and after, only the socket is not the same. At this time I also think of the power outlet on my desk, because the quality is not good, contact is not in prison, a moment strong, a while weak, always lead to a lamp for a while light, a while dark. It appears that the customer reflects the problem is true, the reason is because of the poor quality of power sockets, internal use of phosphor copper tablets are not good quality, poor elasticity. Long time after the use of lead to contact is not good, a moment of contact, a moment disconnect, then the Speaker power on a moment pass, a break. Because the power supply has a large capacity of the filter capacitor, it will lead to power amplifier circuit voltage will be high, a low, strong and weak sound will have a significant change, at the same time, because of the instantaneous interruption of the electrical flow of interference signals into the amplification circuit, will also lead to other noise.

Solution: Replace the new good quality electrical outlet. Some profiteers may use the reason which the customer does not understand, take this to the customer demonstration, the speaker is repaired, but borrows the money.

2. Sound can play normally, but if you adjust the bass (bass), the horn will come out of the "Thunderbolt roaster" noise, simply can not endure.

Sometimes some speakers in the use of "Thunderbolt roaster" murmur, especially the rotation of the bass knob, the situation will be more serious. Because it is caused by rotating the bass knob, the bass potentiometer can be sure to be damaged. Most speakers of volume adjustment and heavy bass adjustment, are used potentiometer to change the strength of the signal, in addition to the new digital tuner potentiometer. A potentiometer changes the size of a resistor by changing its position on a carbon resistance plate through an active contact. Bearing with the increase in the use of time, there will be dust or impurities in the potentiometer to fall into, potentiometer contacts may also be oxidized rust, resulting in contact is not true, at the time of the adjustment volume will have "Thunderbolt roaster" noise appears. For this problem to deal with a very simple tone, the replacement of a new potentiometer will be able to spend no more than 2 yuan of money. The simplest approach, however, is to open the chassis, the potentiometer behind the four pieces of pressure to open, the most under the active contact point, with anhydrous alcohol to clean carbon block, and then a drop of oil in the carbon block drop, the potentiometer according to the original position installed can solve the noise problem. However, the reason for this example is because the quality of the potentiometer is unstable, in use, the left and right channel of the Reed is separate, but now because of dislocation, resulting in the use of time when the break, the resulting "Thunderbolt roaster" noise. We just use the sharp-nosed tweezers gently pull the right, and then put back to the original. If you have a similar noise when adjusting the volume, you can also repair it by this method.

3. Sound plays normally, but a horn is loud and a trumpet sounds small. If you use your hand to the side of the volume of the Force, then the volume of two channels is the same size.

This case is similar to the second, and is also the problem of volume potentiometer. Because the volume potentiometer is independent of the left and right channel. Because the reed is used for too long, the inner reed is too weak to contact with the carbon resistance. Finally, the common-end of the potentiometer is connected and the fault is eliminated.

4. Turn on the power switch of the speaker, the speaker does not normally open the machine "bang" a sound boot. Turn on the MP3 player, adjust the volume, and there is no sound in the speaker.

This kind of fault is more common, the speaker has no sound after boot. How can we tell if the speaker is really broken? First of all, before adding electricity to the speaker, turn the volume potential product to the maximum position, when turning on the power switch, pay attention to whether the speaker has "bang" a sound. If there is, the speaker does not have any problems, the power is good, no sound may be a sound card driver error or sound failure, it may be muted or the volume is too small, and then the signal line plug is not plugged, or signal line disconnection. There is, if we put the signal wire plug contact with the metal parts of the chassis, the speakers will be out of the "buzz" of the exchange, especially obvious.

However, this example is because the speaker used too long, the internal temperature is too high, resulting in the speaker inside the power transformer temperature insurance fuse. Do not worry, we do not have to replace the power transformers, as long as the careful removal of transformers, from the outside to observe the power transformer primary (that is, the end of the 220V electricity), see which side convex. On the convex side, with the sharp tweezers carefully disassemble the surface of the plastic film, you will find a write "250v2a" the words of the white box, which is the temperature of the insurance resistor. Because the use of time is too long, the temperature of the transformer is too high, in order to avoid causing fire, insurance resistance action, cut off the current supply. We just put the two ends of this insurance resistor directly short-circuit on it, but in the future use of the need to pay attention to heat dissipation, do not use too long time.

A lot of computer peripherals using power transformers, such as Canon and HP inkjet printer use of external power, external modem use of the power adapter, some speakers use external power supply, its box 220v/9v or 12V transformers, the coil has installed temperature insurance resistors. In particular, Canon and HP's printer power transformers are difficult to match, find someone to repair the charge is very high, but the actual maintenance is the transformer apart, according to the above method of the insurance short circuit can be.

5. There is sound, but only treble, but there is no bass.

This kind of malfunction is usually because the volume of the speaker is too large, long time to use, we usually say that the subwoofer to burn, it may be the thread broken. Just pay more than 10 bucks to replace a new one.

6. There is sound, but the voice is not clear, can not hear the specific content.

This failure, in addition to the loudspeaker damage, may also be signal line off, or the treble amplification of the integrated block damaged. Note: If you are using a soft sound card, sometimes because of inadvertently changed settings, and the speaker's pronunciation, can only hear the female voice, male voice can not hear clearly.

7. A boot, the "hum" straight, no matter how the volume adjustment, noise can not be eliminated.

This situation is generally due to long time use, coupled with the speaker is closed, heat dispersed, the internal temperature is too high, resulting in the power amplifier block overheating and damage. In fact, the real power amplifier integrated circuit has a temperature protection function, when overheating, amplifier integrated circuit will automatically stop output, when the temperature down, can automatically resume work. But some speaker manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, the use of large manufacturers are not brand-name integrated circuits, and the use of some small factory imitation of integrated circuits, poor quality. The solution is to buy a same type of integrated circuit replacement on it, the cost is only 5 yuan.

8. When the computer is on, the sound is normal, but after a period of time, the buzz is ringing and the ears are unbearable.

This example is the case, but the amplifier integrated circuit has not been completely damaged, when the fault occurs when overheating. We can open the chassis, by increasing the size of the chip of the amplifier IC to solve, can also replace the quality of the film.

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