Complete open-source Android applications, complete open-source projects, and android open-source projects

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Complete open-source Android applications, complete open-source projects, and android open-source projects

  • (Antox) chat (new)

  • (OpenKeychain) OpenPGP implementation on android (new)

  • (Flock) provides the synchronization service

  • OpenFlappyBird

  • (Faceless) Open-source anonymous social networking applications

  • (Github) github Client

  • (Photup) Batch upload photos to facebook

  • (Philm) view movie information

  • (WordPress) wordpress Client

  • (Standup-Timer) a countdown-like application, such as a reminder, controls the time of your speech.

  • (Opensudoku-android) A Sudoku game

  • (Android_packages_apps_Calculator) CyanogenMod enhanced Calculator

  • (Eoe-android) eoe open source client

  • (Oschina-android) Open Source Chinese client

  • (Gnucash-android) Accounting and wealth management software

  • (Notes) Xiaomi Notes

  • (FileExplorer) Xiaomi File Manager

  • (SoundRecorder) Xiaomi Recorder

  • (Compass) Xiaomi Compass

  • (ChaseWhisplyProject) big ghost games

  • (2048) 2048 games

  • (Todo.txt-android=todo.txt official application

  • (Muzei) the application of regular wallpaper replacement

  • (AntennaPod) podcast Management Software

  • (Weiciyuan) Sina simple client

  • (K-9) Mail Client

  • AnimeTaste

  • (FineDay) and simplified weather applications

How to determine the security and stability of open-source projects for android

Why do most server systems on the market use open-source Linux? Instead of Windows with closed source code?
As an open-source system that requires extremely high security and stability, it makes sense. One of the most important aspects is:
Open-source code can be supervised and tested by more people, and system vulnerabilities can be solved more quickly.
There are still many other reasons, but it is undeniable that large open-source projects such as Linux and android are not concerned about their security and stability due to the attention and participation of software working groups around the world.
PS: in fact, the android Project is a feature of Linux.

For android open-source projects, if you want to join an open-source project to learn and train yourself

You can do it ,,,

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