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The causes of computer malfunction are elusive and confusing. And because of the relatively complex components of the Windows operating system, and in the case of a computer failure, it is almost impossible for the average user to pinpoint the cause of the failure. So is it true that if we encounter a computer malfunction, we are completely at our wits ' end? This is not the case, so that the cause of the computer failure although there are many, but, as long as we carefully observe, serious summary, we can still master some computer fault rules and treatment methods. In this issue booklet, we will show you some of the most common and typical computer failures, and you will find--solving computer failure methods on your side, simple, but effective!

Computer is made up of a variety of accessories, below, we will be based on the composition of the computer's motherboard components often appear on the fault analysis.

The motherboard is a key component of the entire computer and plays a vital role in the computer. If the motherboard fails, it will affect the entire PC system's work. Next, let's take a look at what the most common failures are on the motherboard during use.

Common fault One: no display on the boot

The computer boot does not show, first we have to check is the BIOS. Important hardware data is stored in the BIOS of the motherboard. At the same time the BIOS is also a more vulnerable part of the motherboard, very vulnerable to damage, once the damage will cause the system can not run, such a failure is generally due to the motherboard BIOS is CIH virus damage caused (of course, also do not rule out the motherboard itself failure caused the system can not run. )。 The general BIOS is damaged by the virus after the hard disk data will be lost, so we can detect the hard disk data is intact to determine whether the BIOS is damaged, if the hard disk data intact, then there are three reasons for the boot does not show the phenomenon:

1. There is a problem with the motherboard expansion slot or expansion card, which causes the motherboard to not respond without a display after inserting an expansion card such as a sound card.

2. Jumper board in the CMOS set CPU frequency is not correct, it may also cause the failure to display, as long as the elimination of CMOS can be resolved. Clear the CMOS jumper is typically near the lithium battery on the motherboard, its default position is generally 1, 2 short circuit, as long as it is changed to 2, 3 short-circuit a few seconds to solve the problem, for the old motherboard if the user can not find the jumper, as long as the battery off, to boot display into the CMOS settings after the shutdown, The battery is also up to the purpose of the CMOS discharge.

3. The motherboard does not recognize memory, memory corruption or memory mismatch can also lead to the failure of the boot display. Some old motherboards are more critical of memory, and once plugged into the motherboard can not recognize the memory, the motherboard will not be able to start, and even some motherboards do not give you any fault prompts (tweet). Of course, sometimes in order to expand the memory to improve the performance of the system, the result of inserting different brands, types of memory will also lead to the emergence of such failures, so in the overhaul, should pay more attention to.

For motherboard BIOS damaged failure, we can plug in the ISA video card to see if there is no display (if prompted, you can follow the prompts step.) If there is no boot screen, you can make an automatic update of the BIOS floppy disk, re-refresh the BIOS, but some motherboard bios is damaged, the floppy drive does not work at this point, you can try to use hot Plug method to resolve (I have tried, as long as the BIOS is the same, in the same level of the motherboard can be successfully burned. )。 However, the use of hot-plug extraction requires the same BIOS may also cause some components of the motherboard damage, so the reliable method is to use the write code to the BIOS update file into the BIOS (you can find this service for the computer to solve the more secure).

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