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The computer ports are as follows:

0 Port: Invalid port, typically used to analyze operating system

1 Port: Transmission Control Protocol port Service multi-Switch Selector

2 Port: Management utility

3 Port: Compression process

5 Port: Remote Job Logon

7 Port: Echo

9 Port: Discard

11 Ports: Online Users

13 Port: Time

17 Port: Daily reference

18 Port: Message Sending protocol

19 Port: Character Generator

20 Port: FTP File Transfer Protocol (default data port)

21 Port: FTP File Transfer Protocol (control)

22 Port: SSH Telnet protocol

23 Port: Telnet (terminal emulation protocol), Trojan tiny Telnet Server open this port

24 port: Reserved for personal mail system

25 Port: Port that is open by the SMTP server for sending mail

27 Port: NSW User System FE

29 Port: MSG ICP

31 Port: Msg authentication, Trojan Master Paradise, hackersparadise Open this port

33 Port: Display Support protocol

35 port: Reserved for personal printer service

37 Port: Time

38 Port: Routing Access Protocol

39 Port: Resource Location Protocol

41 Ports: Graphics

42 Port: Host Name Service

43 Port: Who is Service

44 Port: MPM (Message processing module) flag protocol

45 Port: Message processing Module

46 Port: Message processing module (default send port)

47 Port: NI FTP

48 Port: Digital Audio Background Service

49 Port: Tacacs Login Host Protocol

50 Port: Remote Mail Check protocol

51 Port: IMP (interface information processor) logical address maintenance

52 Port: Xerox Network Service System Time Protocol

53 Port: DNS domain name server

54 Port: Xerox Network Service System ticket Exchange

55 Port: ISI Graphics language

56 Port: Xerox Network Service System verification

57 port: Reserved for personal terminal access

58 Port: Xerox Network Service System Mail

59 port: Reserved Personal File Service

60 Port: Undefined

61 Port: NI Mail

62 Port: Asynchronous communication Adapter Service

63 Port: whois++

64 Port: Communication interface

65 Port: Tacacs database Service

66 Port: Oracle sql*net

67 Port: Bootstrap protocol Server

68 Port: Bootstrapper protocol Client

69 Port: Small File Transfer Protocol

70 Port: Information Retrieval Protocol

71 Port: Remote Job Service

72 Port: Remote Job Service

73 Port: Remote Job Service

74 Port: Remote Job Service

75 port: Reserved for personal dial-out service

76 Port: Distributed external object storage

77 Port: Reserved for personal remote job input service

78 Port: Fixed TCP

79 Port: Query the remote host online users and other information

80 Port: HTTP, for web browsing, Trojan executor open this port

81 Port: HOST2 Name Service

82 Port: Transport Utility

83 Port: Modular Intelligent Terminal ml device

84 Port: Public tracking device

85 Port: Modular Intelligent Terminal ml device

86 Port: Micro Focus COBOL programming language

87 port: Reserved for personal terminal connection

88 Port: Kerberros Security authentication system

89 Port: Su/mit telnet (terminal emulation gateway)

90 Port: Dnsix security attribute tag diagram

91 Port: MIT Dover Spool

92 Port: Network Printing Protocol

93 Port: Device Control Protocol

94 Port: Tivoli Object Scheduling

96 Port: Dixie Protocol Specification

97 Port: Fast remote Virtual File protocol

98 Port: TAC News Protocol

99 Port: Backdoor program ncx99 Open this port

100 Port: Unknown use

101 Port: NIC Host Name Service

102 Port: Message transfer Agent

103 Port: Genesis Point-to-point transmission network

105 Port: Mailbox Name Service

106 Port: 3com-tsmux Open port

107 Port: Remote Telnet Service

108 Port: SNA Gateway Access Service

109 Port: POP2 Server Open this port for receiving mail

110 Port: POP3 Server Open this port for receiving mail

111 Port: All ports for the RPC service of sun Company

112 Port: McIDAS data Transfer Protocol

113-Port: Authentication Service for authenticating users of a TCP connection

114 Port: Audio News Multi-point service

115 Port: Simple File Transfer Service

116 Port: ANSA REX Notice

117 Port: UUCP Path Service

118 Port: SQL Service

119 Port: News newsgroup transport Protocol, hosting Usenet communications

121 Port: Trojan Bo Jammerkillahv Open port

122 Port: Smaky Network

123 Port: Network Time Protocol, worm will use, general shutdown

128 Port: GSS x License authentication

129 Port: Password Generator protocol

130 Port: Cisco Software Open port

131 Port: Cisco software Open port

132 Port: Cisco software Open port

133 Port: Statistical services

134 Port: ingres-Network Service

135 Port: DCOM service, Shockwave virus exploit, cannot shut down

136 Port: Naming system

137 Port: NetBIOS protocol application, open for sharing

138 Port: NetBIOS protocol application, open for sharing

139 Port: NetBIOS protocol application, open for sharing

140 Port: Emfis data Service

141 Port: Emfis Control Service

143 Port: Interim Mail Access Protocol

144 Port: Uma software open port

145 Port: UAAC protocol

149 Port: AED 512 emulation Service

150 Port: SQL (Structured Query language)-Network

152 Port: Background File Transfer Protocol

156 Port: SQL (Structured Query Language) service

158 Port: PC Mail Server

159 Port: nss-Routing

160 Port: sgmp-Trap

161 Port: Simple Network Management Protocol

162 Port: SNMP Trap

163 Port: Cmip/tcp Management

164 Port: CMIP/TCP Agent

166 Port: Sirius system

169 Port: Send

170 Port: Network PostScript

177 Port: X Displays the management control protocol, through which the intruder accesses the X-windows console

178 Port: NextStep Window Service

179 Port: Border Gateway Protocol

180 Port: Chart

181 Port: Unified

184 Port: OC Server

185 Port: Remote-kis

186 Port: KIS protocol

187 Port: Application Communication Interface

189 Port: Queue file Transfer

190 Port: Gateway access Control Protocol

191 Port: Prospero directory Service

192 Port: OSU Network Monitoring System

193 Port: Spider Remote Control Protocol

194 Port: Multi-line Chat protocol

197 Port: Directory address Service

198 Port: Directory Address service Monitor

200 Port: IBM System Resource Controller

201 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC) routing guarantee

202 Port: AppleTalk (Network protocol for Mac Machine) Name Binding

203 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC machine) unused port

204 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by Mac machine) echo

205 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC machine) unused port

206 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC) zone information

207 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC machine) unused port

208 Port: AppleTalk (network protocol used by MAC machine) unused port

209-Port: Fast Mail Transfer Protocol

210 Port: ANSI (American National Standards Association) Z39.50

211 Port: Texas Instruments 914c/g Terminal

213 Port: IPX (protocol used by Ethernet)

218 Port: Netix Message Logging Protocol

219 Port: Unisys ARPs

220 Port: Interactive Mail Access Protocol V3

223 Port: Certificate Distribution Center

224 Port: MASQ Dialer

241 Port: Reserved Port (224-241)

245 Port: Link

246 Port: Display System protocol

257 Port: Secure Electronic trading system

258 port: Yak Winsock Personal Chat

259-Port: Effective short-range remote control

260 Port: Open port

261 Port: IIOP Tls/ssl-based naming service

266 Port: SCSI (Small computer system interface) on ST

267 Port: Tobit David Service Tier

268 Port: Tobit David Copy

281 Port: Personal link

282 Port: Cable Port a/x

286 Port: FXP Communication

308 Port: NovaStor Backup

313 Port: Magenta logic

318 Port: Pkix time stamp

333 Port: Texar Secure Port

344 Port: Prospero data Access Protocol

345 Port: Perf Analysis Workbench

346 Port: Zebra Server

347 Port: Fatmen Server

348 Port: Cabletron Management Protocol

358 Port: Shrink Internet Appliance Protocol

359 Port: Network Security Risk Management Protocol

362 Port: SRS send

363 Port: RSVP tunnel

372 Port: List processing

373 Port: Legend Company

374 Port: Legend Company

376 Port: Amigaenvoy Network Query Protocol

377 Port: NEC Company

378 Port: NEC Company

379 Port: tia/eia/is-99 Modem Client

380 Port: tia/eia/is-99 Modem Server

381-Port: HP Performance Data Collector

382 Port: HP (HP) Performance Data Control node

383 Port: HP (HP) performance data Alert Management

384 Port: Remote network Server System

385 Port: IBM application

386 PORT: ASA information Router definition file.

387 Port: AppleTalk update route.

389 Port: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

395 Port: Network Monitoring Control Protocol

396 Port: Novell (US Novell) Netware (Novell company out of network operating system) over IP

400-Port: Workstation solution

401 Port: Continuous power supply

402 Port: Genie protocol

406-Port: Interactive Mail Support protocol

408 Port: Prospero Resource Management Program

409 Port: Prospero Resource Node Management.

410 Port: DEC (Data device company) remote debugging Protocol

411 PORT: Remote MT Protocol

412 Port: Trap contract Port

413 Port: Storage Management Service Protocol

414 Port: Information query

415 Port: B Network

423 Ports: IBM operational planning and Control beginnings

424 Ports: IBM operational planning and Control tracking

425-Port: Intelligent computer-aided design

427 Port: Service starting Location

434 Port: Mobile IP Proxy

435 Port: Mobile IP Management

443-Port: Tls/ssl-based Web browsing port that provides encryption and another HTTP transmission over a secure port

444 Port: Simple Network Memory Paging protocol

445 port: Microsoft-ds, for shared open, oscillatory wave virus utilization, generally should be shut down

446 Port: ddm-Remote Relational database access

447 Port: ddm-Distributed File Management

448 Port: ddm-using secure access to remote databases

456 Port: Trojan Hackers paradise Open this port

458 Port: Apple Quick Time software open port

459 Port: Ampr-rcmd command

464 Port: K Password Service

469 Port: Broadcast Control Protocol

470 Port: scx-Agent

472 Port: ljk-Login

481 Port: Ph Service

487 Port: Simple Asynchronous File transfer

489 Port: nest-protocol

491 Port: go-Login

499 Port: ISO ill protocol

500 port: Internet Key exchange, LSASS open port, cannot be closed

509 ports: Traps

510 Port: FirstClass protocol

512 port: Remote Process Execution

513 Port: Remote Login

514 Port: cmd command

515 Port: Spooler

516 Ports: Visualizing data

518 Port: Talk

519 Port: Unix time

520 Port: Extended file Name server

525 Port: Time Service

526 Port: New Date

529-Port: Online chat system service

530 Port: Remote Procedure Call

531 Port: Chat

532 Port: Read news

533 Port: Emergency Broadcast port

534 Port: Megamedia Management side

537 Port: Network Streaming media protocol

542 Port: Commercial

543 Port: Kerberos (software) v4/v5

544 Port: Krcmd command

546 Port: DHCPV6 Client

547 Port: DHCPv6 server

552 Port: Device sharing

554 Port: Real Time Stream Control protocol

555 Port: Trojan PhAse1.0, Stealth Spy, Inikiller Open this port

556 Port: Long Distance file server

563-Port: Network News Transfer Protocol based on TLS/SSL

564 Port: Plan 9 File Service

565 Port: WhoAmI Query

566 Port: StreetTalk

567 Port: BANYAN-RPC (Remote procedure Call)

Port 568: DPA Membership

569 Port: MSN Membership

570 Port: Demon (Commissioning Supervision program)

571 Port: Udemon (Commissioning Supervision program)

572 Port: Sonar

573 Port: banyan-VIP

574 Port: FTP Software agent system

581 port: Bundle Discovery Protocol

582 Port: SCC Security

583 Port: Philips Video Conferencing

584 Port: Key server

585 Port: Imap4+ssl (use 993 instead)

586 Port: Password change

587 Port: Apply

589 Port: Eye link

595 Port: Cab protocol

597 Port: PTC Name Service

598 Port: SCO network server Management 3

599 Port: Aeolon Core protocol

600 Port: Sun IPC (interprocess communication) server

601 Port: Reliable System Login Service

604 Port: Channel

606 Port: Cray Unified Resource Management

608 Port: Sender-pass/provide file transfer

609 Port: npmp-Trap

610 Port: npmp-Local

611 Port: Npmp-gui (Graphical user interface)

612 Port: HMMP Guide

613 Port: HMMP operation

614 Port: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) shell (shell)

615 Port: Internet Configuration Management

616 Port: SCO (Unix System) system Management Server

617 Port: SCO Desktop Management Server

619 Port: Compaq (Compaq) EVM

620 Port: SCO Server Management

623 Port: ASF Remote Management Control Protocol

624 Port: Crypto management

631 Port: IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)

633 Port: Service Update (Sterling software)

637 Port: LAN Server

641 Port: Repcmd command

647 Port: DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Failover

648 Port: Registration Agreement (RRP)

649 Port: Cadview-3d Software Protocol

666 Port: Trojan attack FTP, Satanz backdoor Open this port

808 Port: Ccproxy http/gopher/ftp (over HTTP) protocol

1001 Port: Trojan Silencer,webex Open port

1011 Port: Trojan Doly Open port

1024 Port: Start of dynamic port, Trojan Yai Open port

1025 Port: Inetinfo.exe (Internet Information Service) Trojan Netspy Open port

1026 Port: Inetinfo.exe (Internet Information Service)

1027 Port: Application Layer Gateway Service

1030 Port: Application Layer Gateway Service

1031 Port: BBN IAD

1033 Port: Local Network information port

1034 Port: Sync notifications

1036 Port: Secure Partial Transfer Protocol

1070 Port: Trojan psyber stream,streaming Audio open port

1071 Port: Network Service Open port

1074 Port: Network Service Open port

1080 Port: Socks This protocol passes through the firewall in a channel way, allowing people behind the firewall to access the Internet through an IP address

1110 Port: Kaspersky Anti-virus software opens this port

1125 Port: Kaspersky Anti-virus software opens this port

1203 Port: License effective port

1204 Port: Login Request Listening Port

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