Computer storage unit: bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, BB

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What is the storage unit of a computer?

Computer storage units are generally expressed in bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, BB,
We often refer to the byte abbreviation as B and ask K for the KB abbreviation. What a few k, what a few B.

Two, what is their conversion relationship?
1, the smallest unit in which the computer stores information:
bit bit (bit) (Binary Digits): holds a binary number, that is, 0 or 1, the smallest storage unit.
2, computer storage capacity basic unit is byte
byte byte:8 a bits (bit) is a byte (B), the most commonly used units. (I often say that one byte is 8 bits)
     An English letter (case-insensitive) occupies a byte space, a Chinese character occupies two bytes of space.
      English punctuation is a byte, and Chinese punctuation is two bytes. Example: English period "." The size of 1 bytes, the Chinese period. "Occupies 2 byte size.
3, their conversion relationship is as follows:
     1B (Byte) =8bit,
1KB (kilobyte kilobytes) =1024b, 1MB (megabyte megabyte abbreviation "mega") =1024kb,
1GB (gigabyte gigabyte also known as "gigabit") =1024MB,
1TB (Trillionbyte trillion bytes byte) =1024g B, where 1024=2^10 (2 of 10),
1PB (petabyte quadrillion byte) =1024TB,
1EB (exabyte Bai byte bytes) =1024pb,
1ZB (Zett Abyte 10 trillion byte ze byte) = 1024 EB,
1YB (yottabyte 100 million bytes) = 1024 ZB,
1BB (brontobyte 100 billion bytes) = 1024 YB.

Note: "Trillion" is a millions quantity unit.
Attached: Full name and transliteration of the unit in the system
Yotta, [Yao] it, Y. 10^21,
Zetta, [ze] it, Z. 10^18,
Exa, [AI] sa, E. 10^15,
PETA, [Pat] it, P. 10^12,
Tera, [too] pull, T. 10^9,
Giga, [level] cafe, G. 10^6,
Mega, [Mega],m. 10^3

Third, why the rate of the computer storage unit is 1024 rather than 1000

Because the computer is binary now, let them calculate the unit, only 2 of the integer power can be very convenient computer calculation, because the computer's internal circuit work has a high and low level of two states. So we use binary to represent signals (control signals and data) for computer recognition. And people are used to using the 10 system, so the memory vendors only use 1000 for the rate. The result is that the actual capacity is less than the nominal capacity, but it is legal. 1024 is 2 of the 10 times, because if the large, not close to 10 of the whole number of times, not convenient for people to calculate, take small, the rate is too low, the unit to more to meet demand. So take 2 of the 10-time Square just right.
Computation Example: The nominal 100GB hard disk, its actual capacity is 100x1000x1000x1000 byte/1024X1024X1024≈93.1GB
Visible product capacity shrinkage as long as the actual capacity to meet the calculation results (up and down error should be within 1%), you buy is authentic, not cheated.

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