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Method One: If the computer does not sound, please first check the computer desktop right hand taskbar whether there is a sound control icon, the following figure:

As shown above, if there is this icon to indicate that the sound card installed on the computer is no problem, and then use the left mouse button to click the Sound control icon, there will be a sound volume adjustment switch control window, to see if the volume is adjusted to the minimum, is not a check to the mute, Used to help a lot of novice friends to deal with the computer no sound when many are either the sound to the lowest, or the check to mute, resulting in the computer no sound, this is the novice friends often make a low-level error.

If the computer desktop can not find the above volume control icon, may be the driver problem, drive the problem to see below know how to refuse, some did not show up, let it show the way as follows:

If there is no "small horn" on the right of the taskbar, enter the start---settings-control Panel-sound and Audio Devices command, open the sound and Audio Device Properties dialog box, as shown in the following figure:

As shown above, put √ after the point to determine the desktop right hand task bar will have a sound icon, and then check, the volume is adjusted and whether the point of mute, Hugh after the computer generally have a sound.

You can also click the Sound tab in this dialog box, click one of the program events (such as a program error) in the Program events field, select a sound type, and then see whether the Preview button on the right is black. If black, the sound card is normal, the reason for the failure may be the system volume is too small, or set mute, or speaker failure.
Other reasons: If there is no sound card option in the Device Manager window, and the sound card is an integrated sound card, then reboot the computer and enter the BIOS program. Then check that the peripheral device options in the BIOS are set to "Disabled" and, if so, change it to "Enable". If this setting i "Enable", it may be the motherboard sound circuit damage, repair sound card circuit. Can only be taken to repair.
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