Configuring CVS under Eclipse

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Based on the Windows operating system CVS and use (experience with code sharing under Eclipse)

1. Install the CVS server, Cvsnt-2.0.58d.exe, or other versions of the. official website to download.

2. After installation, you can see the CVS for NT, which is a fish icon, double click to see whether two services have been started (CVS server and CVS look server), if all have been started, then congratulations, CVS Server installation was successful.

3. Create a new folder, My computer is under E disk a new cvsserver. into the CVSNT panel, in fact, double-click the Control panel inside the fish icon, select Repositories, click Add, add Cvsserver folder, click Apply. Be sure to remember this step, or you will not be building the server itself can not find where the workspace.

4. After adding a good file path, then install the CVS Client tool Tortoisecvs 1.8.14, or other version. (Of course, the best use of the CVS client tools, all the features are integrated in the resource manager, support SSH access, easy to use, recommended.) Official website:, the software is free software.

5. Open Eclipse or MyEclipse, enter CVS Reponitory exploring, right-click anywhere in this window, new one repository Location.

The information I entered in the dialog box is as follows: Host:localhost
Repository Path:/cvsserver (This is a relative path, I created a cvsserver folder under my own e-disk)
User:cvs (user name for landing their own computer)
CPMMECTOPM Type: Select pserver!
Click finish!
OK, the entire installation of CVS has been completed.

If you are a studio or a dormitory, or a few people to do the project with CVS that is quite convenient, so since your computer installed CVS server, your peers can also use your server to share the code, my Computer engineering name is LISANSX, On my Computer Select the project name to share the code LISANSX, right-click, select Team, then select Share Project, select User existing repository location in the pop-up dialog box: and then double-click:p Server. Cvs@localhost:/cvsserver. Select Use a existing module to select Cvsroot, click Next, and then click Next,ok I want to share the project code sharing success!

My companion does not need to install a CVS server,
My companion entered the information in the dialog box as follows: host: (this is actually my computer in the LAN intranet IP) of course, the extranet can also be accessed, I need my router to expose the DMZ can be, and then the Host: to the IP outside the network, through the router I can See this IP, here is not an example!

Repository Path:/cvsserver (This is a relative path, I created a cvsserver folder under my own e-disk)
User:cvs (Login to My computer's username, also CVS, because my computer is now a server)
Password:bluedot (also My Computer login password, not my companion's, must make clear!)
CPMMECTOPM Type: Select pserver!
Click finish!
   If the installation is successful, right-click ":p Server:cvs@localhost:/cvsserver" in the CVS reponitory Exploring window and click Refresh Branchse I can see the project name I shared! Select the project name that I share I'll be able to see this project name in the Package ecplrer window! When you see this project name, then congratulations, CVS Code sharing is basically successful, and then in your package Explorer window to create a new CVS project, select User existing repository location in the pop-up dialog: double-click  :p server:cvs@localhost:/cvsserver, click Next, and then click Next , OK see I share the Engineering code!

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