Conversion between Python's various binaries

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Represents the symbols for each binary:
B: Binary, O: octal, D: Decimal, x: Hex
The Bin (), Oct (), Hex () return values are strings and are prefixed with 0b, 0o, and 0x, respectively.
1, decimal turn binary

>>> bin(10)‘0b1010‘>>> ‘{0:b}‘.format(10)‘1010‘

Both of these methods return a binary string representation.
Direct binary binary to decimal number

list1 = []ifnum1andnum0:  "二进制:%d" %(num)else :  whilenum1 :    list1.append(str(num2))    num2  list1.append(str(num))  list1.reverse()

2, decimal turn octal

>>> oct(12)‘014‘>>> ‘{0:o}‘.format(12)‘14‘

3, decimal turn hex

>>> hex(12)‘0xc‘>>> ‘{0:x}‘.format(12)‘c‘

4. Binary decimal

>>> int(‘1010‘,2)10>>> eval(‘0b10‘)2

int (string_num, N):
String_num: string representation of the binary
N: Indicates how many string_num the number of binary
5, octal decimal

>>> int(‘014‘,8)12>>> ‘{0:d}‘.format(014)‘12‘>>> eval(‘0o10‘)8

6, hexadecimal to decimal

>>> ‘{0:d}‘.format(0xc)‘12‘>>> int(‘0xc‘,16)12>>> eval(‘0x10‘)16

The hex function is slower than the format string function and is not recommended for use.
The Eval function is slower than the INT function and is not recommended for use.

Binary, 16, octal conversion between, you can use the decimal value, that is, the first to go to the decimal and then to other binary, you can also directly using the function to convert. Such as:
Hex Turn binary:

#借助十进制>>> bin(int(‘fc‘,16))‘0b11111100‘#利用函数直接转>>> bin(0xa)‘0b1010‘>>> oct(0xa)‘012‘>>> hex(10)‘0xa‘

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Conversion between Python's various binaries

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