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I recently launched in a project, but I found that I have not specified a 404 error for the application, and the entered error address is actually a route error, this instantly made my website very bad, so I quickly added the Error 404 page for this project.

Scenario 1

I added the error method to a controller of the project and put the 404 page in views. Now we add a condition in route when none of the conditions can be matched, as shown below:

match "*a" => "home#error"

In this way, if none of the above conditions match, the sentence will be executed and jump to my 404 interface.

Case 2

In this way, the routing error occurs, but there are other situations. For example, if we display a photo album, the general path is

/Show? Album_id = 3

When processing in the background, sometimes the id cannot be found. If you are using the find method, an ActiveRecord: RecordNotFound error will be thrown. If you are using the find_by_id or other syntax, returns only an empty array). You can add this exception in application_controller.rb as follows:

rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, :with => :show_error

If you want to catch other exceptions, you can write them here.

rescue_from ActionView::MissingTemplate,:with => :show_errorrescue_from ActionView::Template::Error,:with => :show_errorrescue_from ActionController::RoutingError, :with => :show_errorrescue_from ActionController::UnknownController, :with => :show_error

Case 3

However, if you use methods such as find_by_id in the program, it will only find errors when you use this instance, so we can do this.

begin @album =  @theme.albums.first  rescue    redirect_to error_path  end

In this way, when any error occurs when this instance is used, we redirect it to 404.

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