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Password is always in contact with us, and mailbox, QQ, game account and so on are all needed. This is all nonsense and you know it.

Today, I teach you how to set a strong password that will not be forgotten.

For brute-force cracking, hackers always need to create dictionaries for brute-force password cracking. If the password is too simple, hackers will soon be able to crack our password. For the sake of security, we need to combine letters and numbers to make the password complex. However, there is a problem that such a password is easy to forget, so how should we set a password that will not be forgotten?

Take my name as an example, "XU Xiaoke" uses smart ABC to call "XU space + 5XIAO space + + 4KE Space 4". We omit "space" and "+" and turn this password into "XU5XIAO4KE4 ". complicated enough, you will not forget this password, unless you forget your name, of course, that is unlikely.

Okay, that's all.

Welcome to my Baidu space as a guest


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