how to choose strong password

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How do I set a strong password?

When a user sets a password on a website, the site generally gives a reference to the password strength. such as "weak", "medium", "strong" and other tips. At this time to try to meet its "strong" requirements, so that more reliable.

Personal Password Security Policy

We are now in the network age, often to login to various websites, forums, mailboxes, online banking and so on, these visits often require account + password identity authentication, so we constantly register users, there are countless network

How to use password security tools in Windows 7

As the public's digital life field becomes more and more complex, the threats posed by malicious Security hackers and malware are also growing. To avoid security incidents, the use of a strong password becomes more necessary. For most people, the

Set a strong password for Windows XP

Source: http://soft.yesky.comAlthough the absolutely secure password does not exist, the relatively secure password can still be implemented. In WinXP, we can use local security settings to make our passwords stand the test.1. Set a reliable

After reading, change the password! But I bet you'll never see it through.

Hubble News Channel May 30 today Xiao-bian in the fried egg net found a long article, with the player's words "I ... I've never seen anything so long on a fried egg ... In addition to sidebar ads ... ", this article title" User password thin paper ",

Password how to set security

A study has shown that 1% of passwords can be guessed within 4 times. How could it be? simple! Try four most common passwords. password,123456,12345678, and QWERTY, which opened the door of 1%. Well, you're one of those 99%, but you also have to

How to Implement password security in Linux

Article Title: How to Implement password security in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Yugong Yishan document password comprehensive brute force cracking

I heard a story: a passenger is about to get on the plane. His air ticket and passport are in the password box, but he cannot remember the password out of the box. Similar to this passenger, some friends urgently need to open a document, but forget

Develop anti-pattern-plaintext password

First, target: restore or Reset PasswordEach password program will encounter the user forgets the password situation, most of today's programs through e-mail feedback mechanism to let users recover or reset the password. This solution has a premise

Complete Guide to common software password cracking

Generally, password cracking does not necessarily involve complex technical means. Someone even said, "password cracking is as simple as finding a sticker with a password, and this paper is pasted on the display or hidden under the keyboard ." Use

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